Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today I ended up looking at a lot of Taylor Swift quotes because of an interview I saw with her and wanted to see other things she had to say. So, here is a little sampling of a few of those for fun with a couple other valentines day phone lock screen wall papers in there for fun!



Free Taylor Swift Quote Downloads
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Free Taylor Swift Quote Downloads

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I sat in my mom's living room with my one friend whom I had picked up and brought to my baby shower. My sister-in-law was there with her sister who had helped my mom get all these cute details together to help celebrate the little life that was growing inside of me. 
We were really struggling financially so the thought of having the blessing of gifts for him was something I was so grateful for.

Over the previous few weeks I had emailed people and handed them personal invites for the baby shower, but no one rsvp'd, so we sat and waited, and waited. The time for the shower had started and there we were, my one friend had came, a couple family members and the rest never showed up.

I knew God had me in a season of invisibility but this was hard. Satan was doing his best to yell in my face how no one cared about me and certainly my situation nor my unborn child. I didn't want it to hurt, but it did. 

I had come from a church where I could hardly fit the amount of people I wanted with my first baby shower, and now this?  My mom had worked so hard to make special food and drinks with cute green and white straws and had purchased most of the gifts that sat on the floor. 

I was so grateful for the people who were there, I was grateful for the gifts and the love I did receive this day, but it was just another hit in the humiliation gut in this season God was walking me through. 

When you are a stay at home mom, in a new state, without a car, life feels somewhat like a prison. Add onto this pregnancy and just call me "Big Belly Rapunzel". Days pass with no major difference as you wipe noses, change clothes and sing songs at bed time over and over and over and over again.

I know it doesn't take much to relate to this season I was in. Maybe your story isn't just like mine, but something similar. When it feels like every part of who you were, all your dreams and hopes, all your friends and loved ones that sort of framed who you were, the place where you knew your role and your part, are stripped from you.

You could be a new mom, or an older mom, or an empty-nester, or a younger single girl wondering, is this IT? This? This is what you want for me Lord? 

I feel like I would literally be talking to someone many times, and it was as if they couldn't see me or even hear me. They would begin a conversation with someone else and simply walk away as if I wasn't there at all. 

It was during this time that it was as if it was me and God, all alone, in my heart. That who I was, who I wanted to be, how I wanted to fit in or be used was all invalid, I was invisible.

It was during this time God began to speak to me, about many things but in particular not to waist this season.

So many times in seasons like the one I am describing we do anything we can to fast forward to a more meaningful point, get frustrated, or feel guilty about feeling either of the previous ways.

Waiting is hard, feeling insignificant is hard, wondering what on earth to do now is hard, but here is what God spoke to me.

This is sling shot training for you.

No, I haven't taken up weaponry, but I still have a battle that I am in and so are you.

Maybe God has spoken to your heart about something He wants to use you for, has shown you your gifts or talents and has previously used them but at the moment they are dormant. Maybe He has given you a dream or has shown you your calling, but now you wonder what happened to all that? Maybe you are questioning all that you thought you so sure about?

Remember David, from the Bible? No one is more familiar with waiting than He was. David is one of my favorite people from the Bible because of his raw honesty with the Lord. That is so something I can relate to. 

Here is the account of David being annointed King in 1 Samuel 16

When they came, he looked on Eliab and thought, “Surely the Lord's anointed is before him.” But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” Then Jesse called Abinadab and made him pass before Samuel. And he said, “Neither has the Lord chosen this one.” Then Jesse made Shammah pass by. And he said, “Neither has the Lord chosen this one.” 10 And Jesse made seven of his sons pass before Samuel. And Samuel said to Jesse, “The Lord has not chosen these.” 11 Then Samuel said to Jesse, “Are all your sons here?” And he said, “There remains yet the youngest,[a] but behold, he is keeping the sheep.” And Samuel said to Jesse, “Send and get him, for we will not sit down till he comes here.” 12 And he sent and brought him in. Now he was ruddy and had beautiful eyes and was handsome. And the Lord said, “Arise, anoint him, for this is he.” 13 Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers. And the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward. And Samuel rose up and went to Ramah.

This story is amazing for so many reasons, one of my favorite is that David wasn't even an option for this anointing. Surely not David, he wasn't even thought to be worthy enough to even appear before Samuel. His own father didn't even think that this was possible, he thought for sure he knew who God would want to use, the strongest, the oldest, the wisest, but no, he was wrong. God sees those of us who feel invisible. He knows and He does the choosing. So when many people over look you, when you feel you have nothing to offer or like there is no way you will ever be chosen, remember God sees the ones that aren't thought about.

What was David doing? What he was supposed to be doing...
 tending the sheep.

What did David do after he was anointed King??

You would think that He went out with Samuel for training and hair cuts and getting fitted for robes and all that fun stuff, but nope, that is not what happened. He went straight back to watching sheep.

What? How does this make sense?

Now just wonder how David may have had an internal struggle with this.

So, I am going to be King, when is this going to happen. These sheep are smelly, and boring, and if God thinks I could be doing so much more, well why in the world am I wasting my time out here??

But what God spoke to me about these seasons of invisibility, these seasons of just showing up and doing the thing right in front of us day in and day out, these seasons are not a waist of time. On the contrary, I think they are specifically placed in our lives as training seasons. They are just much as part of the journey as actually doing the thing, whatever it may be. It is all in the way we choose to see it.

The fact that David was "only" shepherding sheep didn't mean that he wasn't capable or leading an entire kingdom, like he would one day. It just wasn't time yet.

So, I began to let God change the way I was looking at my situation. I decided that I was going to choose to trust Him in this monotony, in this pain, in this desert. As I cleaned the house every day while Ashton was taking his nap I was listening to sermons, lets face it, I was listening to sermons whenever I could. When I was sweeping, when I was loading the dishwasher, when I was cleaning up the bedrooms. I decided to let God begin to renew my mind, to make me strong and warm up that sling shot. To let him do inner work in me that I was unwilling to look at, that had I been busy might have not had time to look at or make changes on.

You see when David finally went to visit his brothers on the battlefield and watched as Goliath mocked them He was confident of two things, he had been anointed as king, and he knew how to take out big threats. All those days in fields killing bears and lions, in the monotony of smelly boring sheep, he was ready when God brought him to a place to take out a giant. 

He hadn't sat down and felt sorry for himself that his life was un-glamorous and so unfair. He decided to hone his skills in the place God had him in. He knew it was not yet his time, but when his time came, he was ready.

What is God asking you to be faithful to right now, right where you are? What skills can you refine? What things have you been running from that you know God wants you to face head on and be brave enough to let Him change? What words of love and affirmation do you need to sit and receive from the Lord that people can not ever give you?

Sometimes we avoid silence because it screams truth to us. Sometimes we can be in a season of invisibility even when we are running like there is no end in sight and feel exhausted but with no real meaningful purpose in it. Striving, striving, or checking out and having a well deserved pity party, or so we have decided.

Matthew 25:21
His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’

Be faithful in the little things.

A story was told me this last week about Josh Groban. He hadn't made his big break but he kept practicing. One night his manager called him and told him that Andrea Bocelli could not sing that night with Celine Dion and could he sing the particular song with her. He could, he was ready.

You may not know yet what God has in store, most of us don't, but start with what you know for sure God has placed right in front of you. 

I believe the season of invisibility may be coming to an end for me but I still am very much in it, I have just become more OK with it. I know God is good at being God and no manipulating or hissy fits on my part seem to help at all, believe me I have tried. 

When God does things He does them right. Let's trust that even our seasons of monotony are all apart of making us into who we need to be. Let's be faithful with what He has given us now, pressing in and trust His heart and love for us rather than presuming His silence is His absence. 

You are seen by Him, you are not forgotten.

Being Faithful in the Small Things
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Being Faithful in the Small Things

Thursday, January 22, 2015

For the sake of sharing the love and getting some good artistic outlet going on I am going to try and make you guys some fun downloads and wallpaper for your phones, tablets, or desktops.

Here are a few LOVE inspired free downloads in honor of Valentines Day!

All you need to do to get them is click the link and they will start downloading directly.
Let me know if you come across any problems.

I have more in the works!!

Free Valentine Wallpaper Downloads
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Free Valentine Wallpaper Downloads

Sunday, January 18, 2015

When you think of the term "Mean Girl" what pops into your head? 
At first I think of the movie and the pink cover with ol Lindsay. But beyond that, when you think about who you might consider to be "mean girls" who do you picture? A particular person? A group of girls?

I suppose my first imagination of the term is the untouchable girls. You know the one's, similar to the movie. The popular, perfect body, perfect hair, perfect clothes, so many friends and of course the perfect boyfriend!! OK, well, that was high school anyways. 

Now-a-days in mom land, not much has changed in the image. Let's see, perfect husband, perfect house, perfect car, perfect parties, perfect wardrobe, OK the common denominator is this perfection that I am so far from that I could want to run and hide when she may be approaching.

But being perfect doesn't make one mean, per se, but I think its what I am assuming these "perfect" people are thinking about me. "Oh, poor her, she's chubby." Or whatever the case may be.
The "bless her heart" sentiment that we don't use where I live but the idea is the same it just starts with the feeling of "oh I feel so bad for her" which really means, I am so glad I am not her, her life must suck. 

Being a mean girl in my mind has a lot to do with what I presume they are thinking. OK, OK, so once in a while you come across someone who actually laughs in your face, or worse, you hear from someone else about her and her other friends laughed at you, talked smack or some such tragedy.

But here is my question to us. Even though we can easily pin point who we would classify as a
 "mean girl"
have you ever thought of yourself that way?

I grew up pretty dorky, never had the best of clothes, had braces and glasses and never ever was asked to Homecoming, no I wasn't a mean girl because I wasn't classified as the "perfect girl", or was I?

I know at this point we could easily go down the path that the underdog girls can be just as mean by becoming bitter and "chip on their shoulder" types, but that isn't where I am going with this today.

I mean it in the most simple of ways.

Most of us prejudge people until we know them. We think we know "their type". Even when we don't want to be judgmental I think it is just etched into our nature.

Judging has been a way of measuring myself that I had come to use. {Still do, working on it}.

 This idea of "well she might be good at this, but look at how she does that." Thus qualifying myself as still OK in my mind, still in the unspoken running. Oh you know, the up and down glances one might get, these are the obvious judgmental looks of "are you seriously wearing that?"

But most of the time it still happens, just across the room, in our minds.

We mostly judge other women harshest whom we may feel threatened by.  Many times this leads to the ol' self fulfilling prophecy. The one where we already know what "those women" are like. "I'm not like them, I know they are going to be stuck up and not welcome me." Oh how many times I have even very subconsciously thought this.

If not that exact thought it would be something like "Oh, they already have all their friends. I am sure they will make it clear that I am not welcome with them." And instead of coming into a situation or a room with an open heart to what new friends we might make, what great connections or networking people we might encounter, we are already shut down. We have already made the choice that we "know" we will be rejected so we come in with closed body language, don't try to engage these people who "won't like us anyway" and walk away feeling ever so satisfied that we were right all along. It's like we never stop to think about how we acted, how our body language spoke in that room, that we might have had the err of
"No, no access here, closed" and so people back off.

And when this prevails over time, when we are constantly thinking negatively towards other people, you can count on this negativity turning towards ourselves. 

Do you think a lot about what so and so thinks of you? Do you imagine why they were cold to you? Oh it must have been when I said that passing remark about her husband, I didn't mean a THING by it, but I bet she took it the wrong way and now she hates me and is going to keep me passively aggressively at bay because she has been wronged by me.

This has been the ever loving long story of my life, friends.

Instead of stopping those thoughts in their tracks and deciding that you didn't mean ill toward her and you know it in your heart and then choosing to let it go, you let is fester and simmer. 

 There are one of two responses, maybe and most likely a mixture of both, as we are way too good at over thinking, or is that just me??

The route of "well who does she think SHE is, or where does SHE get off thinking that about ME!" 
{you know, the thought you think she might have thought but you really don't know for sure, yeah that one}

Or you want to be godly and kind of guilt yourself, "well, you are kind of mean sometimes, I bet people hate you because you are meaner than you think you are." or "well you ARE chubby, I mean that is TRUE, they really do have a reason to not want to be around you, you make their group look bad. Those instagram pics won't look as glamorous with you in them." or the "I bet they are thinking right now "oh sure you are sooooo goldly but talking crap about my husband, you are such a bad Christian even God agrees with me!" It might not be so blatant but these things sort of sneak into our underlying thought processes.
But the truth is about all these thoughts are...
they are you own.

Now, suddenly those passing thoughts you are having towards others are now the passing thoughts you are having towards yourself.

I am the mean girl, to myself??

This would then make me furious inside because I knew I couldn't hate myself but I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop judging myself for others in my mind. I thought maybe if I thought of what others were judging me about I could protect myself in a sort of foreknowledge type of wall, but all it did was start to slowly destroy me on the inside.

I was the mean girl.

I was judging others in this really subconscious, maybe self protective, part of my heart. Yet it was coming around and landing in my own mind because all of it originated in my heart, in me.

Maybe the truth is that if we struggle with feeling judged that we have been struggling with judging others.

For you will be treated as you treat others. 
The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged.
Matthew 7:2

This is so true, just didn't know it would many times be myself!

If we didn't think so often so many bad thought towards others as a judgmental measuring stick to keep us knowing we were still OK, I don't think it would start caving in on us. And we don't even recognize it.

When God started really dealing with me about my depression and that no one was going to save me and get me out of this pit but He and His strength in me, He began to speak to me really clearly about this thoughts and judgement business.

At the time I was in therapy and my counselor asked me something to the effect of what image I had of myself in my mind. I told her it was this dorky girl, being shoved into a locker, with dorky clothes and messy hair, someone that was an embarrassment to most people.  

She pointed out that I had a bully in my head, and that bully ....

was me.

I was pushing myself into that locker by constantly berating myself and then agreeing with that.

It was through this insight that God brought to mind the verses in 2 Corinthians 10.

Now sometimes I know that when I read verses in a post I just skim them because, blah blah I already know them so well. (yikes, a bit of honesty for ya) 
But if you are like me
 I ask you to  just really really READ them, take them in. 
What are they saying here?

2 Corinthians 10:3-7
For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh.
For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but 
We DESTROY arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and 
being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.
Look at what is before your eyes.
If anyone is confident that he is Christ's, LET HIM REMIND HIMSELF 
that just as He is Christ's so also are we.

Excuse my yelling in those verses, but I felt like I had to yell them to get that message really deep down into me. I was so stuck in my thoughts that I was imprisoned in my own mind, I thought it was protecting me when all the while it was getting me deeper and deeper bound.

What we think MATTERS.

If we are Christ's this is no passive role we got ourselves into. We can't sit by in life and presume God has got it and we get to watch while God shows em all and lets me grow effortlessly. As Steven Furtick said, "the Christian life is a battle ground, not a play ground."

So here it is, your call to fight, to take action, to stand up and tell yourself {if you must},
 that it has been quite enough.

Paul tells us that we have to take the thoughts captive and make it obey Christ. 

For so long this was just a nice verse that meant don't think "bad" thoughts. I thought I was helping God keep me in check by thinking these mean girl thoughts to myself. But no, God convicts us, He does not condemn us. He wants us to be free, not be locked up in these "strongholds". 

What does it mean to make the thought obey Christ? 

It means if Jesus was standing before you would He give you a high five and say, 
"that is exactly what I would say!"
 if it's has got to go. 

This is hard work. This means we can't just think any ol thought that just pops into our heads as if it originated from ourselves. Sure, we don't need much help thinking flawed thoughts, but we also have an enemy that would love nothing better than for us to be trapped for the rest of our lives caught up in what everyone and their brother is thinking about us.

Let's be really honest. There are people out there that think bad thoughts about you, so what? 
I know easier said then believed. 
But I also know that people are many times so wrapped up in their own problems that they aren't thinking about and judging us as much as we perceive them to be. 
Sometimes our perceptions are dead on,
 but is it possible our preceptor could be off because we are in one of these strongholds Paul was describing?

So start small.

That means noticing.

Start noticing what you think about yourself, what you think about others.

When I was going through a really hard time of self hatred I started making myself stop thinking unkind thoughts toward anyone I would naturally want to put down in my mind to make me feel somewhat better for that moment. I began to realize how programmed I was to do this.

I started telling that bully inside me she was done ruling.

I had to let God start loving on me and telling me who He made me to be. 
Not who anyone else said, not what I thought, but what He knew.

Only when we can be still, notice and stop the wheel for a moment can we receive from Him the freeing truth we really need. People are people, and hurting people hurt people. 
Jesus died for us to be free, not just from hell but even the prisons of our mind.

Sometimes there are roots deep inside us that we just function out of. God had to show me mine, let me know they had to go, that it was time to do some gardening, some root pulling and it was time to stop taking the lies and abuse lying down. It was time to start taking untruths captive.

Being a mean girl, to others and mostly myself, was not my identity. If you are in Christ, it is not yours either. 

There is far more for us on the other side of our prisons we create for ourselves.

Be free.

Taking Every Thought Captive
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Taking Every Thought Captive

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sometimes I wonder why I am here? You know, why God created me and why He put me in my family, 33/34 in 2015, gave me two sons, brought me to Denver, gave me the background I had in the place I was born.

 Sure, we all wonder these things?

I remember being about 14 and feeling called to missions, I started going on mission trips in all my years in high school from Guatemala to Japan and even a month in Mexico at an orphanage all by myself where no one spoke English. I have felt this great tug on my life for years now, and sometimes it just feels like a big puzzle that I am constantly trying to piece together. I remember day dreaming about how I wished that I could go on missionary trips with Paul and go see how ministry was done, learn from him and serve.

But God has had me in this time of being invisible. As if I could have been existing without being alive, many times it has felt that way. The time in our family has been real and intimate and I know my boys need me and I spend most of my time with them, so I am not trying to belittle this part of ministry at all, there anything else? Will I ever be on that adventure with Him again, know I am being used by Him?
I am reading Lara Casey's "Make it Happen" and she asks what we are afraid of?

Again, the timing of all these resources coming into my life is not lost on me. Fears have been bombarding me as I have stepped out in even the smallest ways. So, it seems easy for me to label my fear. 

It's being judged.

I am really trying to get to the bottom of this, yet another root deep in my soul that needs to be unearthed. This thought that there are plenty of people God could use to do things, why would He want to use me? And I think in the core of myself I know I want to be used despite this fear, but on the other side of the coin it's "who do you think you are? someone special, because you're not".

So there is this weird dichotomy in me. Wanting to be used but also afraid that I am not as special as I want to be. I don't want to be invisible, I want to be useful and helpful and bold and full of wisdom and speak truth to people who sit in lies they believe. I suppose I grew up being "needed" in ministry settings, used in my gifting and believed in because other people validated what they saw in me. In this time of invisibility God has asked me to get my value solely from Him and I pressed into that, but now wanting to get back involved with people and life and opinions and rooms filled with people who want to be seen and want to be used, I don't know where to even begin. 

What if God only ever wants me to minister to my boys, what if that is supposed to be enough? What if I am being full of myself just wanting to be used in wider and greater ways? I think it's this real and practical need in us, this need to be significant. But where do you land when you feel this sense like "join the club, you are not that special, we all want to be used, don't you see us all clamoring?"

I don't want to clamor, I don't want to strive, I LOATH competition and if I feel even a hint of it in myself I start shutting down. I used to be like this with boys in my life. I never wanted to be so sadly unaware of myself that I was wanting some guy to like me that was far out of my league. And now, in this other area this is just what I feel. Don't be wanting something so big for you life! Don't you see all these people, all these women, they all want the same thing, and you are just a small drop in the bucket. This whole idea that people are smirking and laughing to themselves behind their screens thinking "yeah right" at my even trying.
I am paralyzed by my fear that I am proud. I have been in this place before, and I have no idea how to bring peace to it, other than bringing it to the Lord. 

For so long I have brought my dreams to the Lord and told Him that I want Him to bring about any opportunity that might come along because I want people to know it was Him, and not my manipulating, not my striving to do it. I am afraid to tell people because I feel stupid for even wanting it. Am I chasing something that God couldn't possibly want? Jumping into the blog world and the social media side of all of this to get you feeling a sense of "oh honey". You know "oh honey" that patronizing tone you get from people who just really want to keep you in your place. 

I am so afraid of being ungodly in all this. Guilt, guilt, guilt, please don't forget the guilt that you must attach to anything and everything that is happening in your life. Must keep up appearances, don't you know? You can't want to be a writer and a speaker, don't you feel guilty about all the other people that want to do that as well? You can't be an influential blogger, don't you see how off putting you are to others who want to be influential?

No, this is not freedom. God doesn't want me weighed down by guilt and condemnation.
The truth is, I am constantly checking myself about my motives. I will always be human, this is part of the problem, I may not be a perfectionist in ANY other way in my life, but morally I really can be. I look at myself with all my failures that are so clear and obvious, and it condemns me. I look at all my gifts and things I didn't give myself, they are true gifts from the Lord, and it condemns me. 
This fear of judgement starts in my own heart. I know I am much harder on myself than most people actually are, and certainly more than God is.

I just really don't want to let Him down. I really don't want to get caught up in my dream and my plan and forget this is not the Kingdom of Ashley but rather the Kingdom of God. I am the pot made for His service and He is not here to make me into "so and so".  I am His servant and nothing more. How He chooses to use me or not, is not up to me. 

So what I am I to do with these desires and dreams? What am I to do with this prompting to press into all God has taught me. That perhaps God has placed the dreams in me, for whatever reason, and I can go for them, and as I go, serve Him as I do. If it never happens, at least I can say that I tried, which I think I would much rather say than I was too afraid of judgement.

I thought recently about the question "How would I live life out if I knew I was dying?".  I don't think I would spend so much time wondering what other people were thinking about me, I would know time is of the essence and I had to get about sharing how great God was, how He can change us, and how much He loves us. Lara pointed out that whatever we fear is what we respect and hold weight in the opinion of.

 I am tired of putting so much weight in pleasing everyone, it is debilitating. Instead, I will choose to fear the Lord, to please Him and to press into His calling and His challenges in my life. I am confident that the Holy Spirit is very good at His job in pointing out where I am falling short and how I need to change and be more like Christ, He has been so far. The beautiful thing about Him is how gentle, patient and loving He does this with us most times. I want to have an ear to His heart all the time. I want Him to keep me in check with my motives and what I am really wanting out of my dreams. I don't want to waist time withering because of my fears, nor striving because of them, rather walk in the freedom He died to give me. 

Do I really trust Him that He can keep me there? Yes. 
Will I mess up, most definitely. 
Do I have insecurities as I step in one direction or another, no doubt. 
But I don't want to stay stagnate? No, God's teaching to me has been so life transforming I feel compelled to share it.

Whatever God brings to me I want to do it with all my heart and for Him. From emptying and rinsing coffee carafes, blowing little noses, or writing a book, it is all for Him. One just is more easily judged, and I am so unkind to myself on the behalf of others. I don't think this is the voice of God, this is the voice of my flesh or my enemy. God doesn't fault me for wanting to do big things for Him, as long as I am also willing to do small seemingly insignificant things for Him as well. My heart really is to please Him and I believe God wants to free me from my fear of being misunderstood. It's held me back many times, but He doesn't misunderstand me, He really knows me and He is the one that it is all about. I love Him and I want to glorify Him with my life. 

Just like when I was waiting to get married I gave the Lord many good suggestions, in my opinion. When God brought me my husband it was better and more different looking than I ever imagined. When God does things, He does them right and with no striving or worrying or clamoring of mine is much help.

To Him my heart, my life, my dreams, my fears surrendered to do with what He will.

We think condemnation is only aimed at us for our pasts, but how is Satan keeping us trapped by condemnation of our present or our possible future. When we feel trapped and tied up, that is not God. 

God brings us freedom through conviction not paralysis through guilt.

 Let's be as little children before the Lord, full of hope and life and dreams and twirling, knowing we are so loved and He will correct us when we jump into dirty puddles. If we are staying close to His heart, I know we will hear Him.

Dreams and Condemnation
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Dreams and Condemnation

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I found out today about Speak Up: Wild & Free 
where we make vlogs to share a little bit more about ourselves and our hearts. I am excited to get involved in new communities I haven't before, so thought it would be a good idea to participate in this and hopefully make some new blogging friends.

My whole video is 10 minutes long, so here is a little snippet.
{working on my creative editing skills}

My entire video is below

To read more about the time in my life I was talking about, 
you can read about it HERE.

Join in on the link up!

Mr. Thomas and Me

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Identity in Christ
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Identity in Christ

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