Ashley is passionate about everything in life, but mostly about Jesus and about the way He changed and continues to transform her life. She grew up a "good girl" attending church weekly as well as a Christian school. She thought she had it all figured out until she became a wife and mom and the identity she had created for herself around what she did was ripped from her hands.

Depression set in for five years and as she walked through a broken identity and self hatred she bordered a place that felt close to losing her mind. Guilt plagued her, humiliation seemed to define her and brokenness was the only way she could seem to define herself. She began to resent God and all the "right answers" she thought she knew but were no longer working. Things continued to spiral out of control until it seemed she was at her rock bottom. All her life she just wanted to help "those poor people", the ones Isaiah 61 described as sitting in darkness, chained, broken and covered in ashes. As she faced her own desperation she realized she was those people and Jesus began to speak to her that He wasn't just her Savior once from hell, but He wanted to save her again and again. Grace wasn't just for salvation but it was the power to change what she felt powerless to overcome.

Surrender, over and over, slowly the Lord began to teach her to stand up in her true identity and stop taking the blows the Enemy was continually handing out. Through learning to take her thoughts captive and believe God's word as her only survival tactic she began to see God change her and make her new. The power of God's truth literally transforming everything about her life, one small choice to believe and take action by faith at a time.

Ashley now encourages women daily on Instagram to stand up as the warriors they are and to be intentional about getting in God's word and taking back ground that the Enemy has stood on for far too long. She is currently writing her first book about her story of walking through her depression and what God taught her about receiving from Him, surrender, and being honest about her deep need for Him. Not hurrying to perfection for appearances but walking in brokenness towards perfect love.

She is a wife of nearly 9 years and has two little boys, 7 and 4. She has ran two marathons and is currently interested in lifting weights and has recently lost 35 lbs. She plans to write as well about how God taught her how He cares about her health, not because it matters that she is thin, but that the weight caused her pain. She loves to draw and paint, dance, coffee, long talks, traveling and laughing.