Ami Loper


1.Tell us about you! Your name, where you are from, about your family, etc.

My Name isAmiLoper. My husband, Tim, and I live in the Phoenix area. We have three amazing adult daughters and six beautiful Grands – and I’m only forty-six! But that’s what happens when you get pregnant with your first child at fourteen years old – now that’s a long, hair-raising story of God’s love, grace and redemption!

2.How has God uniquely made you/gifted you?

I’m a gold digger! No, not that kind of gold digger. I love to dig into the Word of God and find nuggets of gold that bring life to me and those I get to share them with. The Word of God is so rich and I could never find the end of wealth in the Word. But I believe the Lord has gifted me with being able to look beyond the surface level of information to see the personal application and the big picture of God’s saving grace throughout history.

3.Tell us about your ministry, page, business, etc.

The ministry the Lord has given me is to take the Truths of the Word and communicate them to the hungry, the curious and the growing. I do this primarily through writing and preaching. Whether I’m writing a post on social media, a blog or a book or whether I am preaching in a one-minute vlog, a Sunday morning message or a conference, I pray that the Truth is heard – Truth that is so much more than food for our intellect, but food that transforms our lives.

4.What inspired you to start? What keeps you going?

When I was about five, I heard the Lord tell me that I would tell the world about Him. But being a little girl in the late 70’s, there was such a backlash against feminism in the church that I figured I had heard wrong. Women don’t speak in church, I was told. As I came into adulthood, I tried to find teaching outlets in “acceptable” realms: marriage classes, parenting classes, etc. But it only left me wanting more of my full calling. As I studied the Word more deeply, I began to see that Jesus wanted more for woman than I had been led to believe. When I began to step out and preach, I was rejected by many and even called a Jezebel by a family member. It was a time of walking through fire, but a fire that God used to purify my motives and my calling. It’s all about Him, after all, not my personal quest to become anything. In spite of my first precarious steps into my calling, I still found myself waiting for people to validate my calling before really getting out of the boat. When my dad passed away in 2015, I had some serious revelations. First, I was already told by God what He wanted me to do and I had my husband’s and my leadership’s full backing; why should I wait for the approval of others? Second, life is short and we only get this one shot to honor the Lord with our lives. Third, I want to come to the end of my life and hear the Lord say, “Well done.” It puts fire in my bones to think I could give up when things are hard, when people disapprove or when I’m exhausted and think I can’t go on and then arrive in heaven and hear that I had not done what the Lord called me to do.

5.What are your greatest struggles in what you do?

There are numerous struggles that I keep at bay through time with the Lord, letting Him renew my mind. I’m sure like most, I struggle with comparisons with other ministries, concerns of not being able to meet that needs of those I minister to and fears that no one wants what I have to offer. All of these are struggles that evaporate when I look into the eyes of my Savior and see that smile He gives just to me as He waves for me to catch up to where He is.

6.What is one thing you have learned through what you do?

When I was sitting in the pew waiting for someone to reach down and pluck me out of obscurity, I consoled myself with the lie that perhaps I was too young to serve God in this way. Would anyone really listen to a twenty-something about life and godliness? But then, all of a sudden, while I sat waiting, I began to feel too old to be relevant! Both of these extremes are lies of the enemy intended to keep us sidelined. Do you have something that you know the Lord has told you to do? Do it! Don’t wait for the perfect time, because, dear Friend, there isn’t ever going to be a “perfect” time! Wait on the Lord, of course, but never wait for people, perfection or bravery. Do it!

7.What is your greatest passion for the Kingdom of God?

I have a passion for those who feel lost and alone. I’m sure it stems from feeling the same so much of my life. I grew up plagued by fear, depression and thoughts of suicide, so when I see others in that whirlwind of pain, my heart goes out to them. I know that, even as believers, our lives can become paralyzed by pain, trauma and unforgiveness. When we are living paralyzed, we can’t be as effective for the Kingdom of God. I want to see people set free from those things by the power of Jesus Christ. True freedom is only found in Him and we cannot do all He wants us to do until we are free.

8.What could you talk for hours about?

Oh my goodness! Now you are really asking for all the words to flow! My greatest passion is intimacy with the Lord. For so many years I thought a conversational relationship with God was something that was reserved for the elite, those in the office of the prophet or the pastor. In reality, He calls all of us to draw near, to meet with Him in the Secret Place, to abide and hear the Good Shepherd’s voice. No one is left out! This is not a party that everyone but you has been invited to! In the process of developing this type of intimacy with my Abba, I became infected with a desire to lead others into it. As a preacher, I absolutely love speaking Truth and watching people receive healing, but I know that there is a Teacher far greater who can meet you at the point of your need, any time, day or night and minister revelation and healing at levels no human can even see. If I can lead someone to pursue intimate relationship with the Lord, I know all that is troubling them will be resolved. All that is hurting them will be healed. All that is broken will be made whole. It all comes down to that relationship.

9.What has God been teaching you lately?

Lately, the Lord has been teaching me a lot about joy. Life is difficult! And there are times when it is easier to see the difficulties than the joys, easier to see the pains than the pleasures of life. I know the Lord has abundant life for me, so I make the continual choice to set the problems and the pains at the Lord’s feet and consciously choose to pick up the joys He has for me. It’s a choice: a daily, sometimes moment by moment choice that is easier said than done. But I see clearly that I get to choose what I carry around with me, and I’ve decided to carry the joy.

10.What do you think is the greatest struggle facing Christian women today?

I’m sure we’ve all seen the saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I recently saw it restated as, “Comparison is thief of everything!” It’s a catchy phrase, but I think it is a process to understand just how true it is. Comparison robs us, not only of our joy, but our willingness to step out and do what we were created for. That means comparison is stealing our very lives! When we see someone doing better, looking better, parenting better, being loved better, enjoying life better, there comes over us a malaise that speaks to our deepest fear, “My life stinks. I give up!” Since comparison is a thief, we need to guard our hearts against its infiltration. We need to allow gratitude to stand guard, to let our God-given uniqueness hold the keys to our hearts and make celebrating the successes of others be our battle cry against comparison.

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