Beth Cupitt of Beloved Society

1. Tell us about you!  Your name, where you're from, about your family, etc. 


Hey there! My name is Beth Lafleur. I'm a Texas girl, an illustrator and writer, and a single mom to three kiddos. 


2.How has God uniquely made you and gifted you?

I think God has definitely given me a heart for women. It seems no matter what business venture I'm on, it's always smacked in the middle of a crowd of moms.


3. Tell us about your ministry, page, business, etc.

These days I am an illustrator. Most of my work is featured with Illustrated Faith. I write devotionals and then doodle these faceless girls. They seem simple, but I never get tired of them! 


4. What inspired you to start?  What keeps you going?

I started painting faceless girls about 8 years ago when I began the process of internationally adopting my third child. I just knew it was a girl and had a few countries narrowed down, but didn't know what she'd be like or where exactly she was from. Was she an island girl from Haiti with braids in her hair? An Indian princess with shiny black hair? I had no idea yet, so I just painted them every day. It was therapeutic to me while waiting for the details to come. In the end, it turns out it was a boy from Ethiopia (and he hates this story)!


5.What are your greatest struggles in what you do?

I think the hardest part is balancing my ambition with being grateful with where I am. I went through a divorce a few years ago, and creating a home and life for the kids on one artist's income was tricky for a while. I had to push myself to turn the hobby into daily bread and God is bringing us out of that rough season and has definitely provided. 


6. What is the one thing you have learned from what you do?

I've learned that God can use me as a vessel if I'll just get out of my own way. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm in the right mood or the right place to deliver a message, but if I surrender MY attempts and my message and step aside, he can use me. Sometimes the words don't even seem like my own, and I'm just as astounded to read it, usually preaching to myself.


7. What is your greatest passion for the Kingdom of God?

My greatest passion for the Kingdom is to bring people back to the Lord without judgment. We all fall short, but God's mercy is new every day and never changes. I just want women to know that right here, right now, today, that they are loved as they are (even if you don't "fix" a thing), and no matter what looks like an impossible situation is most definitely not. To inspire women to step into what God has planned for their lives even if they feel like they botched it already or like they aren't worthy of the call.


8.What could you talk about for hours?

We could talk for hours about decor, Harry Potter, or hair-brained schemes. I'm always coming up with imaginary businesses! 


9.What has God been teaching you lately?

Lately, God has been teaching me about friendship and community. I'm a tad shy and weird in person, so I have steered clear of making friends, joining small groups, and serving in my local church. I'm doing all that now, and it's crazily uncomfortable at first, but the pros outweigh the cons, of course, and the Lord knows this about us. 


10. What do you think is the greatest struggle facing Christian women today?

Oh, gosh, I think the greatest struggle facing Christian women in my circles is comparison, which is really a form of judgement on ourselves and each other. It's hard to keep the correct perspective when everyone wants a stage, you know? And we sort of live on the internet now, so we see everyones stage and wonder if we are doing anything important. Fully embracing where we are can look a lot like going to the grocery store, returning a text, or scrubbing a toilet, but that's not very sexy or worthy of a repost. It's hard to not feel better than or worse than a thousand other women on their stages doing their thing. I think my biggest struggle is unplugging enough that I can do exactly what God is asking me to do, and I actually try not to scroll much. 

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