Janine Caratinni of The Relentless Pursuit

1.  Tell us about you! Your name, where you’re from, about your family, etc.


Hi! My name is Janine, I am a twenty-something girl from Southern California (but LOVE the cold weather so that’s still up for debate!), I am the oldest of five kids and a blessed part of a HUGE extended family!  I am an avid reader and traveler and I love taking those journeys and turning them into encouragement. I think that’s where my love of writing comes from. There’s just so much out there that I love sharing with others!

2. How has God uniquely made you/gifted you?

I love finding things in everything. I loved finding the stories, I love finding the things that make people who they are so that I can encourage them. I love finding the good- I am most definitely a glass half full kinda girl).  And because I love finding the good, I also love to encourage others with it! I guess I really just love being a personal cheerleader!

3. Tell us about your ministry, page, business, etc.
My ministry name is The Relentless Pursuit. And my blog/Instagram is all about encouraging others to relentlessly pursue Jesus and a life of dignity + grace by sharing my pursuit with them!

4. What inspired you to start? What keeps you going?
I’m a big sister and it’s a role I love. I get to encourage and build up and I love doing that. Writing has always been a part of my life. When I couldn’t find the words to say out loud, I would write. Eventually, my parents encouraged me to pursue it, and I had some help getting everything started from my sister and a friend! What keeps me going is the one person who reaches out and says that it encouraged them. What keeps me going is the whispers God speaks to my heart to share with others. What keeps me going, is knowing that even though I am a hot mess all the time, I am still the one He chooses to use.

5. What are your greatest struggles in what you do?
The greatest struggle is definitely comparison. Because the platforms are available to everyone, I find myself measuring myself against others who seem to have the same path as I do. Lately, when I find myself comparing, I’ll take a look at what I’m comparing myself to and find what I love about it and message them! Like I said- I love encouraging and building up!

6.  What is one thing you have learned from what you do?
That God uses us even when we think we aren’t worthy to be used. How incredibly humbling is that?!

7.  What is your greatest passion for the Kingdom of God?
My greatest passion for the Kingdom of God is encouraging others to pursue after Him and all that He has for us. He has so much more for us than people realize, or believe He does. I love being able to sit down and say, “keep going! Don’t give up! I can’t wait to see the outcome of what He does with this story in your life”. Because it’s all so true! The hard parts are just Him refining us to make us shine even brighter for Him!

8.  What could you talk for hours about?
Other than Jesus? Because I can literally spend hours upon hours talking about Him and His goodness! I could also talk for hours about music. I think that music just has so much “power” over us. We listen to certain songs when we’re happy; others bring us down. I will find a song that applies to a situation or I can sit there and write page after page about how God speaks through lyrics of a specific song. Music is definitely one thing I can talk forever about.

9. What has God been teaching you lately?
One thing that God has been teaching me lately is to trust Him. Trust His timing. Trust His heart. Trust that He only wants what is good for us, not something that will harm.

10. What do you think is the greatest struggle facing Christian women today?
I honestly think the greatest struggle for Christian women today is believing that they have to balance between the woman the church wants us to be and the woman that society pushes us into. We have the world that tells us that we are equal and can do anything a man can do, and then we have the church telling us that a man is the head of the home and to be gentle and quiet. I think we often forget about focusing on being the woman that God wants us to be. We seem to go back and forth, trying to find a balance with the world and the church, completely ignoring that it only matters who God has called us to be and to pursue after being that woman.


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