Amy Lines of Raising Little Disciples


1. Tell us about you!  Your name, where you're from, about your family, etc.


Hi! I’m Amy, I am a British gal who loves tea and slow country walks. I have been a follower of Jesus for almost 13 years now. He’s taken me on some wild adventures and I’m constantly learning more about Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit. I have just moved to Brooklyn, NYC, to the land of bagels, coffee and skyscrapers with my family. My husband and I have uprooted with our 2 children to move here and start a new church with some friends. We’ve moved from a comfortable town in the U.K. to a powerful edgy city, with culture pouring out on all sides. I grew up in London so whilst the hustle, bustle and diversity of the city is familiar it’s been a whirlwind adjusting to all the newness.


2) How has God uniquely made you and gifted you?

I wouldn’t say I’m unique, quirky perhaps ;-) I am however very creative and have been told I have a gift of encouragement, that I’m good with children, and that I have a gift of prophecy. I love to celebrate people - I’m the cheerleader in your corner. Empowering people to find joy in their life and be led by God’s voice & peace is a passion of mine, and I love to find creative ways to do all that. I’m a very visual person so if I read the Bible or hear a story I often imagine it being acted out (that’s my Theatre degree coming through) but I also imagine how to turn it into an activity to convey it in a fresh way. I often imagine daily life from what it looks like from the air, a bird’s eye view if you like, which I haven’t yet found anyone else who does that. Not sure if that makes me unique or just weird!


3)Tell us about your ministry, page, business, etc.

I love to write and share ideas with others, so I have taken all these gifts and desires of my heart and experience as a children’s pastor back in the U.K. and produced a platform to equip others. On Raising Little Disciples you’ll find recommended resources, as well as activities and downloads I’ve created. The heart all the way through is to thread it with encouragement for parents to help their children hear from God for themselves. But many adults without children have said they’ve been greatly encouraged too, so don’t let it stop you having a look.


4)What inspired you to start?  What keeps you going?

It’s my conviction that we are all called to make disciples as Jesus commissioned us in Matthew 28, and we often spend our lives looking outside of our immediate influence to do so. However, I believe making disciples starts at home and that we will have the most impact in discipling the next generation of little followers of Jesus by spending time focusing on discipling our children. And I want to make this fun and easy for parents, and not daunting. What inspired me was my own story. I didn’t grow up in Church but my life was turned around by Jesus when I was 16. I want to invest in the little ones so that the joy, freedom, and fullness of God’s love and Spirit that I’ve experienced enables others to spend those first 16 years knowing Him in a powerful way.


How RLD came to be was a rather profound moment. You can read more about it here


5) What are your greatest struggles in what you do?

My greatest struggles eesh, that would be a long list. If we are honest and dug down deep, I think we’d admit we all want to feel significant, to be significant and have a significant impact. But how do we measure significance? I often struggle to hold on to the truth that my significance is not in what I do but Who I belong to. When I begin to think about the numbers, the lack of comments or likes on my work I can spiral into it being a reflection on me. I can believe the lie that my voice isn’t significant, that all my effort and time spent producing something or writing vulnerably isn’t significant. And this is where my eyes aren’t fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith (and calling), who champions me. Instead, my eyes go to what I perceive to be my “success”.  I need to remember that my success is in my obedience, in my yes to Jesus. My significance is not in thousands hearing my voice screaming into the world wide web, but it’s in the One. My audience of One. I’m having to remind myself daily that I’m not in it for likes, but transformation, and if right now the only one who is transformed by my ‘ministry’ is me and my family, then that’s significant enough. He is my champion.


6) What is the one thing you have learned from what you do?

One thing I have learnt.. As well as the above, I’d say I’ve learnt to refine my words. I always have a LOT to say and sometimes it’s good and funny and maybe sometimes it’s profound. But refining my words is a good lesson for blogging and key when working with children. If I am sharing something just to indulge my sense of wisdom, or to be thought of more highly by including it, then it needs to go. It’s something I’m learning. That sometimes less is more. Refining what’s important, what’s the steak and what’s the side salad. Having said that, I’ve probably not kept to it in my answers!


7)What is your greatest passion for the Kingdom of God?

Being part of someone’s story however small. Helping people hear God speak to them and realize that they are seen, known and loved by the Father. This is a sweet moment for me. I love to pray with people, listen to people and reflect Jesus’ championing nature as much as I can.


8) What could you talk about for hours?

I could talk about what Jesus has done for us for hours. Specifically, in the area of how the times have changed, we are no longer separated by the curtain, the religious barriers, the temple gates are open wide and we are invited to rush into our Father. We can hear the Spirit reveal the thoughts of the Father to us, remind us of Jesus’ teaching, hear His comfort and guidance, which if you haven’t guessed where I’m going with this means WE CAN HEAR HIS VOICE. He wants a relationship with us, not our service as separated servants, but as children, as friends, as significant ambassadors with authority and purpose to be led by Him and speak His love to those around us.


9) What has God been teaching you lately?

Within all of this, He has been teaching me that I will only hear Him as much as I am listening. If I am not reading my Bible, if I am not spending time with Him, listening and waiting, I will only grow from what I have known before. I cannot live on stale bread. His word is living and active and I can’t expect to grow stronger without it. If I do then I’m saying I’m ok without Him. So this is a big lesson for me right now. It’s not from a place of rules and condemnation but from an overflow of love in my heart that wants more of Him.


10) What do you think is the greatest struggle facing Christian women today?

I believe comparison is a killer. But it’s not the root problem. The root is that we’ve believed we are not enough, we are not loved for who we are. We often see ourselves in comparison to someone else. This takes whatever form we let it - ministry, social media, body image, career, creativity and either elevates us or diminishes us. I believe it is a continual battle for us because we live in a world which promotes in big bold bright billboards that we have to be THIS or THAT in order to be seen and loved. When I am secure in God seeing and loving me and being AWESOME and LOVELY just as I am, the comparison lessens, the competition decreases. In its place community increases and celebration triumphs. Celebration beats comparison. If comparison is the thief of joy, then celebrating who I am and who you are is surely the only way to beat it.


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