Kela Nellums of Pursuing What is Excellent


1) Tell us about you! Your name, where you're from, about your family, etc.

I’m Kela Nellums! I’m a Pensacola, FL native; home of the Blue Angels, and beautiful beaches with sugar white sand! I now reside near the mountains in South Carolina.

I married the man of my dreams over 23 years ago, and I still have a crush on him.
Together, we have 6 children (3 daughters, 3 sons), ranging in ages 23-12, a son-in-law, and 3 of the most precious grandchildren ever created!

I’m a home educator, Bible study/small group leader, mentor, worship leader, entrepreneur, and blogger.


2) How has God uniquely made you/gifted you?

God has gifted me with a heart for encouraging others. By personality, I’m a “peaceful phlegmatic”, and I’m thankful that the Holy Spirit has helped me to cultivate the strengths in that personality to be a good listener, be either sympathetic or empathetic, and also the wisdom to know how to speak the Word of truth and life into someone.


3) Tell us about your ministry, page, business, etc?

I’ve always had a hard time calling what I do a “ministry”, but more and more that’s what it’s been called by others that I meet.

I’m the founder/author of my blog, Pursuing What Is Excellent (
Like many others, I started out with it being an online journal of my family’s homeschool journey over 13 years ago.

It has evolved over time to be more of a devotional style blog where I talk about faith, living a Spirit-filled life, motherhood, marriage, and books that I review.

I’ve recently expanded to being very present on Instagram by leading a Bible study and sharing what I learn while reading the Scripture.


4) What inspired you to start? What keeps you going?

My inspiration came from seeing other women chronical their lives in the creative way of blogging. Even though things were very primitive over 13 years ago, it was still cutting-edge enough for me to want to learn about coding (the technical side) and sharing (the heart of it all).

As I’ve grown in my way of delivering a message of hope to hurting women, knowing that it helps others is the motivation to continue to carry out my call and gifting to encourage and help with practical ways to apply God’s word.


5) What are your greatest struggles in what you do?

My biggest struggle is that I shy away from sharing the depth of the message that’s on my heart too often. There are things that I wish I could convey in writing that I would share with someone with passion and fervor when I’m speaking face to face.

I struggle with being judged because I’ve been one type of writer over the years, and now I’m inwardly bolder in my stance and I need to let that come out in my writing.

6) What is one thing you have learned from what you do?

A supportive community is important! I lean on others that are doing what I do. I sometimes have a lot of questions or need inspiration & encouragement. We’re each other’s iron sharpeners!


7) What is your greatest passion for the Kingdom of God?

Teaching others the Word of God, and proclaiming His goodness and faithfulness!! (I got excited just typing that!! ;) )


8) What could you talk for hours about?

Pretty much, what I covered in question 7, but I’d have to also say MUSIC!

Music is the language of my soul. God has put the gift of ministry through song in me. I can talk about a lot of the different genres of music. I still aspire to be a recording artist one day!


9) What has God been teaching you lately?

He’s been teaching me how to trust Him MORE. I feel that I’ve always had a high level of trust, but there’s a depth of trust that apparently I haven’t tapped into yet because He continuously asks me to trust Him.


10) What do you think is the greatest struggle facing Christian women today?

In a word, loneliness. I’ve seen and read countless books and heard many messages on the subject of loneliness in women.

It’s one of my struggles too, so I’m still wanting to find answers and those “4 a.m. friendships” (friends that you can call no matter what time of day it is).

With all the lonely women in the world…why are we lonely? That is a question that I’d love to help solve!

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