Jena Holliday of A Spoonful of Faith


1. My name is Jena Holliday, I am a 30-year-old wife and mother of two (Layla-4 and AJ-2). We live in Minnesota with our family. I own my own business, Spoonful of a Faith, where I work as an artist and illustrator and my husband works as a printing press operator for a large corporation. We love family time, my husband loves to fish, and I love to craft and create. My greatest love is for Jesus and helping encourage women to be all that He has called us to be. 

2. God has given me many unique qualities and gifts. I openly share my art with people now but it's been something that has been in me from a young age. My siblings and I were always creative in one way or another - through music, food, writing and crafting. I also believe I have a gift of faith - to believe and hope against all odds. It's always been who I am. God had shown me that He will grow what is in me if I will use it. 

3. I started Spoonful of Faith as a place to share my life, faith, and creativity. It is evolved into a platform that not only does that but also shares resources, classes, and encouragement to women who want to follow the dreams and visions God has planted within them. I run an online group for women called Mother Creative. It's a community of love and encourages them for women looking to go after the dreams and gifts God has given them. I love to help women find time to go after them God's way and my experience in sales, marketing and design give me an opportunity to help bring much of it to life. I get excited to share life stories, share our faith and spur them on in their walk! I also run a community called @despitethediagnosis which is a tool of encouraging words for people walking through a journey of illness and healing in their bodies. My hope is to declare our healing and walk boldly in the midst of it - in the in-between of the process. 


4. My own journey to going after what God planted in me truly is what inspired me to do this. When I gave my life to Him, He started filling me with dreams and visions and showing me I would be used in His kingdom. It brought great excitement and I started to see through my own journey that I had to fight against a lot of fear and doubt. I knew if I struggled with it - I may be able to help others get through it. I also struggled to find my voice as an artist. Because I didn't go to school for art I was fought with doubt that I was qualified enough to do it. But God has constantly shown up and showed me He called me and that is ALL the qualification I need.


5. I think sharing my journey while helping others can sometimes be tough because I am encouraging others in things that I may struggle in myself. But I feel like that is where our strongest testimonies are, and why God uses us in those areas - because we can truly speak from a place of experience. I also feel like sharing my work without comparing myself can be tough. I've come to the point where I have to turn it all off, turn off social media, stop worrying about the likes and popularity and focus on doing it for Jesus. I am so happy He has broken off many strongholds in that area. When we are free from the validation of man we can live boldly for Jesus!


6. I have learned how to create from a place of worship and I have learned to trust God in every season with His vision for your life. You should worship in every area if your life and creativity is just one avenue in which I do it. I create an atmosphere to use my gifts and just do it because He's given me the ability to do it. Give Him the glory with it. Don't focus on the outcome but more in just surrendering it to Him. Also, I have learned that when following God's plan, we have to be faithful in whatever season we are in; being confident that He will make it good and complete the work. Every season may not look the same but God has an assignment in each and every one.



7. My greatest passion is truly helping people overcome fear and speaking on faith. My dad was a man of faith and I often recall many things He believed for and just the way He spoke and it has helped transform my life. I also have walked through illness, being diagnosed with lupus at age 19 and I love to encourage people in their journey of healing. It may not come in a moment, but God loves to show us His character through the process and I love sharing the truths I learned through that experience. He told me to not focus on my diagnosis or when He would heal, but to instead just live! Just live my best life with what I had and He would do the heavy lifting. I have seen not only my health changed, but also my attitude and ability to help others in the midst of it! 


8. Passion, God dreams and identity and entrepreneurship. Jesus in all of it and how He had taught me a lot through walking in each other's areas. 


9. About seasons and knowing what season you are in - planting/sowing or reaping/harvest. I went many years without even thinking of this until recently as He began to show me He is a God of princess and cycles. He does everything in its proper time. Sometimes we are so fixed on blooming all the time but there are cycles to this. You don't want to pull up the flowers or the fruit too early. Trusting Him in that has been challenging but so life changing. 


10. Identity and fear because of it. So many women do not know or if they do know they don't truly believe in the power of Jesus and what He has come to do. So many people don't understand their true identity or believe what God says about them. Because if this the devil lives to fight them with anxiety, fear, and doubt when it comes to following Gods will and plan for their lives. Identity is the foundation for so much that God has for us to do in His kingdom. If we don't believe we are who He says we are then it will be hard to help others and believe His word is real in our lives, it is vital to our lives and ministries.

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