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1. My name is Linette Colwell and I am originally from Vale, North Carolina but I am currently living in Scottsburg Indiana. I am an only child who has always been athletic, singing, busy, creative, loving and carefree.  


I am one of the worship leaders in my church and I have a blog at with a FaceBook and Instagram pages called @lindleygrey. I am married to James, who is a Hoosier, and we have two children, Jamison just turned 10 the week before Christmas and Rowan is 8, soon to be 9 at the beginning of March. They are 14 months apart. (whewwww, pray for me, girl! lol) 


I met my husband in college and we have been in a relationship since 1998 (I know! Long time, lol) He was a basketball player and I was a volleyball player at the Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina. He’s my heart, even though he gets on my nerves most days. lol. We have lived in Indiana, collectively for 10 years with a span of 4 years that we moved back to North Carolina to be back with my family.  


Currently, I am a stay at home Mommy who blogs and goes to church, worship rehearsal and has 2 services every Sunday as well as a wife who loves her husband and a good game of nerf wars, skating, riding a bike and singing while my husband plays piano in our den. We are a crazy bunch but we really love God and we do our best to love each other and all who we come in contact with on a daily basis.  


Before we had children and marriage, I worked as a Social Worker with CPS and then I worked in our local Community Mental Health Agency with children. Once married, I stayed at home with our children for 4 years while we were in North Carolina and when we moved back to Indiana. I went back to work.  

In my last “office position” here, I was the Marketing Director for a long-term care facility and I have been a Social Worker for another facility here in Scottsburg as well. I am active in my community and I love people. I have a BA in Sociology 


2. I believe that God has gifted me through my voice. I have been given the ability to sing, and the gift of speaking and encouraging others. I am able to help others press into worship and I have been given the creativity to help others enjoy every moment, especially special moments of life. 

3. My business, (which was not something I personally categorized as a ministry, but I realize it is now!) started out as a monthly subscription box called A Good Work box, which was inspired by my heart for encouragement and Phil 1:6. That has since been placed on a back burner and after being asked to speak at my church’s annual Women’s Conference this past year, my gift of speaking was unlocked. I recently completed a Christmas EP and I am continuing my passion to speak, worship and encourage women to keep pushing through life; continue life because God isn’t finished with us. As in Phil 1:6, no matter what we may go through, or encounter, God is not finished with us. He will perfect what He has started in our lives. He is a promise keeper.  

4. What inspired me was a need that I had in my own life. My family went through a season of absolute turmoil. During that time, God was able to show me grace and mercy and my family was restored. The encouragement that I received during that time was a blessing. I am able to see the revelation of God in my life and the life of my family every day. The grace and mercy that He gives us are incredible. What keeps me going is the fact that there are women and families all over who need the same encouragement and inspiration that I received. We all struggle with keeping up with everyone else that we forget that we are human; just regular humans who aren’t perfect. If I can inspire women through my life that God is able, that is what I want to do. In doing that, God gets glory and that is why I was created. 

5. My greatest struggles are discouragement, inability to navigate social media in order to get the attention I feel is necessary to make contact with as many people as possible. In all honesty, these are carnal things but I’m just being honest. I am like everyone else who wants to reach the masses and due to my lack of finances at times ( I stay at home) or the connections or being given the platform to reach women, and lack of resources and knowledge in other areas (graphic design for marketing is my biggest crutch. I have the idea, but not enough skill to execute what I see in my mind all the time).  

6. One thing I have learned from what I do is that God is faithful, even when I am not. He speaks to me, He loves me, He blesses me even when I don’t deserve it and if I reach 20,000 people or one woman, I am learning that through it all, people need to see God and if I can help with that, I am here for it. Even though that is a hard pill to swallow to take baby steps, it is my heart to please Him anyway I can.  

7. My greatest passion for the Kingdom of God is worship. Being able to sing and give Him glory and honor and praise is amazing. Being able to lead people into His presence is my passion. Being able to help people see God in the midst of everything is my heart. Being able to allow people to experience a touch from Him...being given the gift of my voice is amazing. Being able to use it to get His attention is a privilege I don’t take for granted. 

8. I could talk about my Momma and Daddy; my family and all the hilarious moments we have. I could talk about creating memories through events and beautiful photography for hours. I could talk about gorgeous fabric and interior design and just beautiful things and music for hours. Those are things I love. 

9. God has been telling me to trust Him lately. He has been speaking to me about letting His will be done. He has been reminding me that I am loved and that I am chosen. I just have to hang in there because there is something just around the corner. He is telling me that He’s going to do what He said He would do. I just have to hold on just a little while longer. 

10. I feel like the greatest struggle facing Christian women today is being able to be flawed. We as Christian women are feeling the pressure from the world and fellow Christians alike to be “perfect”. That pressure and sometimes judgment breeds the idea and struggle to keep issues and struggles that we face to ourselves and perpetuates the cycle of always “having it together”. We have to be able to be, understand and accept that we are not perfect. We have issues and we need each other and grace when we do go through things. We need each other and the world to understand that we are humans. lol We are not perfect even as we strive to live as Christ lived. We have daily difficulties, issues, and struggles, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t saved, we don’t love God and that we aren’t going to receive the blessings of God. Our kids may not always be perfectly behaved or always photo shoot ready. The house may not always be spotless and we may not always like our husbands but we are still the daughters of THE most high God and He died for us and I am forever grateful for his grace and never ending mercy.



    Linette Colwell, LindleyGrey Designs

~Creating a legacy of beauty from ashes~

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