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Valentines Day
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day yesterday.

Mine was good, low key, but very nice.

My husband worked and my poor little man was sick as a dog.

poor buddy:(

He did feel a little better later on and he went to his cousins for a little while so I could run my miles yesterday in my new shoes! They help my shin splints A LOT but they are still a bit stiff!

My husband got home early so we dropped our lil man off at his aunt's again and headed to the D Bar!
I was originally introduced to this place by my friend Holly who saw it on a tv show I believe. 
It is super small but the food and especially the desserts are so good
I had a pesto pizza salad sandwich and it was so tasty!


My husband had the Kobe Sliders. 
{they were so tiny!}

And then...of course....
a cup of  coffee...

and you really must get dessert a the Dessert Bar. Let's be honest!

We had a very nice, relaxing time. The only bummer:
My hubby said he ordered me flowers and paid extra for them to be delivered on 
Valentines Day and they never came? 

Oh well, we still had fun!