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Stuck in the Waiting
Do you ever feel stuck?

Like you are really happy that you aren't where you used to be, but also feel like you aren't where you are yet going. Just stuck in the middle.

I suppose we call this "place" waiting.
I have been in a frustrating waiting place so many times in my life. I suppose we are waiting for things more than we are getting them to be honest.

For me, in so many ways, I am in a new chapter personally, but my life circumstances are still very stagnant and in many ways frustrating.

I happen to be listening to a series online by Beth Moore right now about the Desires of Our Hearts and waiting on those. It's all based on Psalm 37:4 that says "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of our heart", which has been a meaningful verse for me in my life for a long time.

She describes true "desires" as things we don't have that span the test of time.

I can't do it justice the way she does, you can find all of them HERE under the archives in the
"heart of our desires"

But the things that stuck out to me is that God knows them and He hasn't given up on these things, and its OK to have these things that we hold near and dear to our hearts. And that sometimes when we aren't receiving the things that we truley desire, He is getting at the heart behind the desire.

I know I am pretty idealistic about life and what I would love it to look like, what it would include, how I would live it, etc. I suppose we all have that to a degree. But when you stop and look at what you want your life to look like, what you want your life to be about, what does that include and what am I willing to do in order to get those things or make sure those things are included into my life.

. #dream

I feel like so often we have our dreams and our "hearts desires" and then we have what life gives us, which leaves us frustrated and really tempted to give up on our dreams and abandon our hearts...but I know there is purpose in the waiting. In those STUCK places.

I don't want to abandon who I want to be for what I think I have already become.

 It has a lot to do with hope. 

That this isn't the end, I am not finished. Life is rough sometimes, filled with sometimes continual right after the other. Sometimes it feels like God has not only forgotten my prayers but really doesn't care either. But then there is that glimmer, that hope that springs up from a frozen ground...that perhaps He cares abundantly more than I ever knew and this is all to do with what must be. 

That even when I have long given up on my dreams and desires, there is a point in it all, after all is said and done.

So I will wait....
and remember my dreams.