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Spring Fashion Ideas
First off, I have to give mad props to all you fashion bloggers. I attempted something of that nature this morning because I got a few new things and the whole process just made me tired. Ha!

With that being said I will share some of my fashion inspiration I found through Pinterest and hopefully get something up with what I bought as well...

be they ever so tacky/grainy/pathetic!

These are all from My Style Board and you can check out more there if you would so like, but here are a few that have been standing out to me.

I love this look, but let me be honest, I tried on a few pair of peach bottoms yesterday and they didn't look like this. And two, I am just going to have to admit I NEVER wear heels. They make me taller than my husband, I'm loppy and they hurt. But I will admire this girl rockin it all from afar.

all of it.
I also love this look, it screams 30's sophistication to me. Or as my husband would call it, grandma style. {boys don't know} I looked high and lo for a top like this over the weekend with no luck, or lucky for my husband.

Everyday casual


Note to self: just roll up your jeans and put on some sandals and a scarf. 
Seems simple enough?


Love this as well. I never would have thought to put grey pants with striped top and pink blazed and cheetah scarf, say what?? But it totally works. 

{Also could not find a cheetah scarf, so I bought a brown one. 
Yeah! That is totally not the same at all!}


Also love this! I think I found a near way to replicate it. My legs need to get on that memo about needing to be skinnier! You would think running my but around miles and miles would be helping that!

This is one of my favorites!! I want this exact outfit. Again, I could not find a plaid shirt like this anywhere, but it seems pretty simple to replicate. Got some cute navy blue shoes similar to this as well!

Here are a few others I love:
love this!

More cute clothes
love this outfit
gap colors

I am thinking of doing the 30 for 30???
Has anyone done it?
Tips, pointers? 

How on earth do you take photos of all your clothes, that is what I want to know!
Hats off to ya!

PS: It's 64 degrees here today, holla!!!

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