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30 Days of Hair Day 1: How to do a Sock Bun
  Welcome to  
Day 1 

This much desired look is really easy and convinient for summer but can also make any night out glamourous. You may have already seen this tutorial but I just want to share again for the new followers or remind you of all the option you have out there for your hair!! 
For the next 30 days you will see some video tutorials and others will be picture to mix things up.

Today I am sharing the sock bun tutorial in video.


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How to do a sock bun tutorial
Happy Friday everyone! 

Just a few updates, I didn't win the design contest, but that is all good and congrats to the girls who did! I am loving working on my design and figuring out photo manipulation programs, etc. Thus the new header. I'll keep this one a while;)

Also next week I will work on a tutorial for the flower scarf and it is pretty simple!

In this tutorial I show how to make a sock bun roll and then put it in your hair, also very simple. This is a quick option for an up do and a new technique to me, so I hope you enjoy! If anyone has any hair tutorial requests, please leave a comment :)