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Thoughts on moving to Colorado
So this morning I went on a run with my friend Lindsey. She is really great and I am so glad that my friend from high school married her so we could be friends. I am an utmost believer in the sovereignty of God and the fact that we both moved out here months apart, I got into running and chose to sign up for a marathon she has not only done, but has trained people in, she is pregnant with her first baby and mine is almost a year old, we are both (obviously) from southern California, and we think a lot alike, none of these things are "coincidences". God knows what I need, and what she needs and really what He wants, but I am thankful He cares for my heart by giving me friends.
I have so many friends here and it has made the transition for me so much easier. They are the kind of friends that you can "really" talk to, if you know what I mean. Even when I meet new people I feel like they could be heart friends, if only they were a little closer. It is so interesting to me that so many people have moved here, the same age as us, and all from southern Cali. I suppose there is the thought as well that this will be a nice place to raise a family.
I supposed unbeknown to me, when I live where I grew up I kind of fit back into who I was all growing up there, little Ashley. There are certain things I do, and do not do, and it really never crosses my mind to venture out of those areas. Being in Northern Ireland and now here in Colorado I find myself wanting to explore more, figuring out what I love or discovering new things that I love, living more with my eyes open, I guess. Who am I? What do I love to do? What am I good at? How can I bring all these things together? It has been fun, and healthy, and I feel thankful for a new perspective on life and the gifts that God has give me.
Perhaps to someone looking in my life might seem fairly boring, being a stay at home mom, not working, no clubs, no business, etc. But I LOVE my life. I love staying at home with my baby boy, who is quickly not becoming a baby but a life of his own, blossoming in personality every day. I love making my home feel like a home and I love being in it. I love my husband and although his job is not "ideal" I am thankful for it and I am so thankful for what we have and being able to love on Ashton together and be a family. Recently Ashton has taken to walking from me to Daniel and "giving us a snuggle" each time. I adore it! These are the moments that are irreplaceable.
I love being a part of our church plant. A more awesome group of people, so different and yet so like minded at the same time. I am growing to love them as a family and am so excited to see what God will do as we seek His face for our church and one another. Meeting together is something we look forward to!
I love being so near a city. Never before has there seemed so much to do. I was talking to another Cali transplant and we were saying that it has the feel of the midwest in that it is a slower pace to life and yet so much to do! There are so many malls, shows, events, community centers, activities, the possibilities are endless and really you can be in a comfortable down town setting in minutes and drive 20 minutes to spacious areas. The running trails go on for 80 plus miles and they are every where! There are cute hidden places as well, which is where my good friend Brittany comes in, she takes me to this amazing street with an awesome eclectic coffee shop, and several handmade gift shops all on a residential street tucked between houses.
All in all, I am very thankful the Lord moved us out here. Although hard being away from all my family I am not sure the transition could have been any more easy. Even with the weather being held at bay at the moment and I wanting it to snow BIG, perhaps it is the Lord's way of easing us into it all here.
All that to say..yes, you should all move here! ;)