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Trending for Spring

Spring is right around the corner..well maybe it's around a corner and a half but this is the time when we really start to anticipate it when the snow turns from romantic and magical for Christmas to annoying and cold. (Although I still love it being such a new transplant from California to Colorado!)
Trending this spring in fashion, however, are stripes! I am a big fan of stripes, even if the wrong kind can "make you look larger than you are", I still tend to gravitate towards them. The whole natutical look is hanging in strong and I love the colors related to the whole look.
Chances are you already have stripes in your wardrobe and they are not hard to come by in the slightest and for reasonably priced. Here are a few looks I have come across from my favorite cute online shops.

So go raid your closets and pull out your stripes and if they don't fit anymore or aren't the look you would like think about refashioning them somehow! Add a belt, cut a boat neck, make a headband, scarf, or striped cloth flowers.

Anyone else a fan of stripes?

These can be found at

Knowing What Looks Best On YOUR Body!

As you know I am loving Ruche these days, they are such a good blend of different and classy. They did a great article about finding the right style dress for our body type. This is so important because we all have different body types and what might look great on one body, is not going to look right at all on another. 

It is OK that we are built differently, so rock what you got! I have hips that don't lie, or hide, so I need to know what works with that (as well as what lies behind them!) and realize that there are styles that work better for that body shape. Accentuate your assets and enhance the less fortunate areas, ha ha! 

If you really want to look your best it is so important to take the time to know what colors, cuts, shapes look best on your body...and not someone else, or the model in the magazine...who are usually straight up and down, and that is just not me! Looks great on her, but probably not the same here. 

Do try lots of options, but try and get a general sense when you are trying the styles that you agree with and the ones that make you want to cringe, veer away from in the future. That way you will save time shopping and always walk away looking your very best.

Here is what Ruche says about in their article The Search for the Perfect Dress. Check out all their clothing at



The Search for the Perfect Dress

We all have holiday parties and events to go to this season and know what it's like to search for the perfect dress. Problem is, we don't all have the same body shape! Lucky for you, Ruche understands the importance of flattering your specific figure. That's why we've created a holiday shape guide for finding the right dress! First find your closest body type, and then browse our best fits for you!

Petite- Short and small all over.

Boyish- Tall and thin. Bust, waist, and hips are all about the same size.

Pear- Small on top, smaller waist and larger hips.

Curvy- Larger through the bust and hips, smaller in the waist.

Here are your results!

Flatter your cute figure rather than overwhelm it! Clothes can often overwhelm your figure, which makes you look shorter or like you're playing dress-up your big sister's hand-me-downs. The best dresses for you are those that have detailing to add the appearance of curves. It is important, however, to make sure your hemline is not too long and that the details aren't bigger than you are! Solid colors ensure that the clothes won't overpower your small frame.

Your Dresses:

You can dress this body shape with almost anything! Both short, shapeless swing dresses and longer streamline dresses with detailing at the hip and bust to add curves look great on you! You can also play with the silhouette by adding volume in top.

Your Dresses:

Highlight your figure's fabulous attributes! As a pear shape, show off your smaller top half and waist by having a well-fitted waist line and a flowy bottom half to accentuate (but not emphasize) your hips.

Your Dresses:

Fun holiday dresses can be frustrating to find when you have a sexy curvaceous body shape. Highlight your favorite attribute by showing off your arms, legs, chest, or back, but avoid revealing everything together. Also, accentuate your smallest point (often your true waistline or just under the bust). Shapeless dresses can make you look big all over instead of giving you the hourglass shape everybody envies.

Your Dresses:

While you search for your perfect dress, we hope this guide helps! Finding the right look for your body shape will simply enhance your beauty. We already know you're beautiful.

Loving a GREAT deal!
I don't know about you, but I am cheap when it comes to some things. I would much rather have several things for my money, rather than just one, especially when it comes to clothing that I wear on an every day basis. So when I have come across some of these amazingly affordable online boutiques I was thrilled. Sometimes if you pay 30 dollars for a top in your average "girly shop", you well know isn't worth that much! So why pay that much? Take this outfit for example

For all four of these pieces the total would be $60! I think that is a steal. Already have a purse, or jeans, you are now down to $30. Also with pieces like blazers they are so interchangeable you can use them for many outfits.

So this is why I share with you my latest findings of great online shopping. These were found at where everything is literally 15 dollars! Sure not every piece is a winner, but neither are any of the shops we frequent in our malls!

I will try and get a link list of great cheaper online shops that I have come across to put in my sidebar. Please share with me if you know of any others and share what outfits or pieces you are looking for to add to your wardrobe! Here is the list I have so far...welcome to the cheap "Windows" shopping! ha ha ha (I crack myself up)

Shop till you drop (prices vary but are comparable to Forever 21) (Retro) (bit higher)