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One Little Word for 2015: MORE

2014 certainly was filled with a lot of crazy, unusual things that have me feeling a bit like I have literally floated through this year. How can you feel in control or like you are making some sort of plan happen when so many unforeseen things are constantly happening.
{You can learn about those things HERE, HERE and HERE.}

Did you have ONE WORD for 2014?

Mine was


I remember choosing it only a day or so before I was riding in the ambulance for the second day in a row and telling the Lord, "OK! I am listening, what is this all about?"

Honestly I couldn't begin to tell you that I understand why any of the things happened to us this year, and maybe I thought that by my word being LISTEN, that I was somehow going to get the answers to those questions, like God was going to speak to me about the WHYS of this year, of life.

But I found that is not what happened, but what did happen was that HE drew near to me. I feel closer to Him in these last couple years of hardship and confusion than I have since I spent a few years overseas with Youth for Christ. I have to say that when things are totally out of our control this is the perfect time for Him to come in and reveal more of Himself to us. The true things, the real things, the life changing things in life that really matter when we are normally too busy scrambling around trying to be the boss of everything and everyone.

This year He has taught me so much about:

And these are just the things that I got to writing down.

"For me, life is about figuring out why God put me here and how I can get to the business of doing that thing."{Tweet This}

You and I both know that given the option, we would never choose for bad, hard or hurtful things to come in our lives, but God knows in order to really understand Him, to grow closer to Him to put into practice all those things we say we believe in the Bible, that those things come in the dark and loneliest times.

I recently put this up as my personal facebook cover

and its true.

Over these past 4 years its been nothing but a string of challenging things. I believe part of this is just life, just something we all have to walk with and endure. The other part is this choice we all get to make when the you know what is hitting the fan and we are nothing but confused, that God is good and He has a purpose in it other than to watch us suffer. I believe that God is bringing me around to where I don't question His heart towards me simply because life is not easier. That is not love, its spoiling. God doesn't want spoiled brat children any more than we do. He wants children who trust His heart towards them no matter the circumstance, who lean in towards Him and not away from Him when we feel our most vulnerable and out of control.

It is impossible to please God without faith and knowing how everything is going to turn out and certainty is not faith. God continually puts us in positions where we don't have answers because He knows us better than we know ourselves, He knows what we really need, who we really are, what we were made for and perhaps without all the mud and searching, we may never become those people. Those people He made us to be and wants to use us to help people and change the world of Christianity from just a bunch of words to people who have trust Him through the dark and now know and walk in freedom that they may never have known was possible without being in the position of sinking in the water with Jesus before us.
Once we have walked through and out of the dark with Him we are forever changed, our trust in Him to get us through to the other side more real than ever and this is the power of testimony that can never let us remain the same.

So I learned a bit about listening this year, not for answers, but for His voice.

This year I have come to the conclusion that I am going to choose the word MORE.

The definition is: 
in greater quantity, amount, measure, degree or number. Additional or Further.

For as much as God has revealed to me about Himself, I want more. I want more of Him and I want more of walking in who He has created me to be. I want more respect for myself, more fun, more adventure, more love, more hope, more life. I want more fullness. My life verse for years has been John 10:10 which says 
"For the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy 
but I have come that you may have life and life to the full.
Full life doens't mean easy life, but it does mean WHOLE life, and I want more wholeness and freedom, and boldness. I want more for myself and my family.

So, More it is.

I hope to do a monthly check back in how this word plays out from month to month.

What about you? Will you join me? What would your one word be? What has God been speaking to you recently and how might that lead you to what He might want to do in your life in the next year?
Share with me!

Happy New Year all!!
May you learn more about Him than you ever have in 2015!