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Apartment Decor Without Painting
One of the saddest part about apartment living is that many times you can't paint or add the personal touches that you would want to if it was your own home. Well, I recently was watching the Nate Berkus show where he talked about adding fabric to a wall with liquid starch! You can frame it, line a wall, or whatever your creativity dreams up and it comes off easily with a damp cloth when you want to remove it (which Nate also mentions is a great idea for decorating an apartment) 

Here is the idea from his show and obviously you could use any pattern of fabric that would work for your style. The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few more project ideas...

These I found through another great blog Just Flew The Coop where she describes how to do this and remove it.

How to Use Liquid Starch to Apply Fabric to a Wall

Fabric wall coverings are an attractive alternative to standard wallpapers. They are also easy to remove and do not damage the wall, making them a good wall-covering choice for renters who are stuck with boring white walls. The easiest way to apply fabric to the walls is to use liquid starch. This also has the benefit of not damaging the fabric so that you can wash it and reuse it in another project when you do decide to remove it from the wall.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Liquid starch
  • Fabric
  • Paint tray
  • Paint roller

  1. Measure the height of your walls. Cut the fabric into lengths that equal this height.
  2. Pour liquid starch into a paint tray. You can also use a shallow pan.
  3. Roll the starch onto the top half of the wall with your paint roller. Apply an even coat.
  4. Attach the top of the fabric to the top of the wall, smoothing it flat with your hands. Apply starch to the bottom of the wall and finish smoothing the fabric on.
  5. Apply a coat of starch to the entire surface of the fabric that is now attached to the wall. Smooth out any wrinkles with your paint roller or hand as you do this. Repeat the entire process until the walls are covered.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can remove the fabric by dampening it with a sponge then pulling it off.
  • Protect furniture and carpet to avoid damage from drips.

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