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Kim Kardashian Faux Hawk Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Today's hair tutorial was requested a while back but I had to remake the original video, so here it is finally!
This is a recreation of Kim Kardashian's hair style she wore to her 29th birthday party.
I tried to do my best KimmyK face and peace sign for the photo but its OK to laugh! 
I don't really do serious or sexy well, if I do it at all, pure accident!
 {And my husband said I looked like a power woman CEO in the side shot, ha ha, thanks babe}
I think this is pretty easy but AGAIN....
I have very THICK hair, so I suggest if you can get some hair pieces or pony for you bottom layers it might work better for you if you can't create as many layers as mine.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Red Carpet Hair
In honor of the BLOSCARS we had to have "fancy up-do" 
for the hair tutorial this week. 

This is what inspired it...

Mine didn't turn out just like this, but you can easily make yours do much better! 
Same basic principles. 
This is mine..
My best Kimmy K face, ummm, NOPE..just look mad...

On to the hey...friends...any requests for hair that you 
would like me to do or TRY to do?

Leave me some suggestions, even if you care less about
ever doing your own hair that way! 
ha ha

Don't forget tomorrow is the beginning of the 
See about that here.

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