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Fall Décor Ideas!
Today is dreary and cold enough to keep the door SHUT! ha ha 
Welcome Fall!

I have still yet to go get my Pumpkin Spice, but it will happen:)
We are moving at the end of this month so I am putting off my fall decorating until then, but I am gathering my ideas..thanks Pinterest. 

Here are a few ideas….

Just looking at them make me feel warm! Can’t wait!!!

What are you planning on doing??

Yarn Lettering...

Here is a new craft I attempted this week...

  • First I cut out cardboard letters. I did this free hand but a beautiful font printed out might work a lot better!
  • Then I began wrapping the pieces with yarn. You will need quite a bit depending on the word you choose.

  • Glue the yarn on periodically as you are wrapping to secure it
  • On the open spaces that couldn't be covered by wrapping I cut yarn and glued them into the open spaces.

I like how it works and the look but I want to fine tune it a bit. I am thinking handing them closer together, making a frame for them, something along those lines. Any ideas??

If anyone has made these before let me know if you have any suggestions about the making process as well!
Enjoy!! Let me know if you try it:)

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Valentine Heart Mobile
So Valentines Day is a couple weeks away and I decided to shnazz up the house with a little touch of purples, pinks and reds.

I have a bunch of shirts I never wear and so instead of heading to the craft store to buy material I just re-purposed old clothes again.

You can do this so easily too...

here's how:
  • Grab some old clothes you don't mind cutting up
  • Cut different size heart shapes. You will need a front and back piece for the heart.
  • Sew the two pieces together. I did mine a couple different ways. Inside out and then turn outside in or just sewing the outer edges. Stuff with fill.

  • I used a hanger for the top base. 
  • Unfold hanger
  • Shape into a circle. (Tie three ropes to the hanger to balance and tie the three together to hang it from)
  •  Make them cute and individual. 
  • (I sewed cute buttons on and made patches to add to some)
  • Tie to hanger rim using yarn, thread, twine, whatever you have. (I used some twine and some thread to try different things.)
  • Hang at different levels.

Ta-daaaa! It's that easy! Quick and easy Valentine Day Decoration!
What do you plan on doing for Valentines Day? Or do you boycott it? ;)


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