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Christmas Ornament Exchange Hi-lights Round 1!
You guys have done an amazing job on these ornaments and I just want to share them with everyone!
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, I love seeing them all and you all getting to know one another better as well:)

I will try to hi-light as many as I can:)

Here are some of your awesome ornaments!!

At Home with Mrs H's exchange partner sent her this lovely ribbon ornament! <3

and this cute button ornament she sent over!

Allison from Feeding My Temple received this beautiful original ornament from Jennifer of Vintage Gwen

Mommy Does sent Rachel this cute flower ornament

and she received this cute piggy with a Santa hat!

Jennifer from Finding My Way received this adorable bird ornament from Carrie at Mile High Frances

blog stuff 014

and Carrie received these adorable handmade ornaments from Jennifer!

Megan from Absolute Mommy received these adorable ornaments from from her partner Nikki  at Neal Nikki Walen & Falcon

and this is the one Megan made for Nikki. Find a tutorial on how to make this one HERE
Christmas Ornament Exchange 2011 LINK UP!
Hey all....

I was going to wait until next week to open this up, but a few of you have already been asking about it so I thought I would go ahead and open it up for you all to get to posting and linking!

If you took pictures of the ornament you made or sent
 be sure to include those as well as the amazing one you received.
 I just received mine yesterday and it is sooooo stinkin cute!

I will do a special post with my ornaments early next week and 
I hope to hi-lite 
some of yours as well up to Christmas!

So get your link on yall! Hope you are loving your amazing ornaments!

Christmas Tree Party Decoration DIY
I threw my first
 Christmas party 
this weekend and 
I had a lot of fun looking through Pinterest 

and coming up with
 fun ideas:) 

{Thank you Pinterest and pinners:}

I am going to be sharing my ideas and tutorials all week this week. 
I figure they may still come in handy for you all before Christmas, and I did them all in
 2 days 
so there is plenty of time!

Today I will be showing you some
Christmas trees I made out of cupcake liners!

I got the original tutorial and idea HERE shared by Desiree at The 36th Avenue

I bought all my supplies (with the exception of my glue gun) from the dollar store!

White poster board, you could also use green or red!

 Christmas cupcake liners

Cut the board the sizes you would like your trees and roll into cones.
 {I had to cut the end to get it to balance correctly} 

Hot glue together.

Cut the center out of the liners.

Wrap the around the cone.
 I found gluing the top of the liner all the way around was the best fit.

 Make sure to have a great helper!;)

I also had some gold ribbon that I wrapped around as well!

They worked great for a little extra touch for the food table!

Look out for all the rest of my little Christmas tutorials this week!

Have a great one!

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