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My Christmas Ornaments from the Exchange!

Time to share the ornament I made for my exchange partner
 Kim from The Sasse Life 
and the ADORABLE one she made for me as well. 

Here is the one I made for her...
My first attempt at an origami ornament! It took a while to make but was fun as well. It would look really cute in older book pages as well. 

Here is how you can make one too!
I used an old devotional book that had gold edges which I liked!

Cut book pages 3.5x3.5
{You are going to need quite a few so make sure you have enough pages}

Fold one corner to the top making a triangle.

Fold those corners to the top point

It should make a square

Fold the top corners down to the bottom outwards.

Glue the bottom corners together creating a petal. 
You will repeat this 8 times per flower.

Then you will glue the other flowers together at their base. 
They will all fit together like a puzzle!

When you are on the last flower make sure to glue in the ribbon!

And now the one that Kim made me!

Isn't it amazing! It's our little family in snowmen!!!
I love it, thanks so much Kim. Go check out her awesome blog!

Have you linked yours up yet???

Do it HERE!

Our Christmas Party & Favorite Things Idea

Thank you everyone for participating in the ornament exchange! 
The ones you have posted are GORGEOUS! Great job and keep linking up if you haven't or check them out HERE:)

So here are the rest of my Christmas Party Pics!

I decided to have a 
Ugly Christmas Sweater/Favorite Things Party!!

Have you heard of these Favorite Things parties
I read about it again, on Pinterest, in the summer and really wanted to have one for Christmas time! I thought about inviting Oprah, that would have made it WAY better;)

You have to bring 5 of your favorite things, so mine was a mocha mix I put together!

We had soo much fun exchanging gifts and we just want to make them even better next year!

I also decided to make a little photo booth area, because who doesn't love photos!

 You know I DO!;)

So I just hung up a long roll of wrapping paper 
and bought some props from the dollar store.
 I made the Santa beard and we were good to go!

My husbands favorite thing was Cream Soda
 so I jazzed them up a bit by making them reindeer!

Pretzel ears, mini chocolate chip eyes, and the cherry chew for the nose! 

I put them on the table and some people thought they were just to drink, 
so you could use them like that as well!

  Here is the spread! 
Find how to do the Snow Men HERE
the Christmas Tree Decorations HERE

And here is our fun!!

Have you guys thrown or gone to any parties? 
Any fun ideas?

Fun Christmas Party Food Ideas

I originally saw this idea HERE!

It's very easy...
all you need is
powdered donuts
mini chocolate chips and
I used 
Cherry Chewy Bites
for the noses

My bag of donuts were a bit smashed...
so I made those ones with surprised faces. haha

This is just a fun addition to a holiday table and great for kids!

I also made this "adult" drink called

Ho Ho Punch

originally found HERE

It is also really simple and tasted amazing! 
{This would also be a great summer drink}

Here is how you make it:
 INGREDIENTS: 1 (750 milliliter) bottle champagne 1 (2 liter) bottle ginger ale, chilled 2 (10 ounce) packages frozen strawberries, partially thawed DIRECTIONS: 1. In a large punch bowl, combine champagne, ginger ale and strawberries. Gently stir and serve.


One last fun idea I made was this 
Christmas Tree of Wraps!

I saw this idea and a different recipe HERE

but I made mine simple wraps with jalapeno spread, or cream cheese, turkey, lettuce and tomato. 
So there was a little bit of a healthier option.

Hope you guys are enjoying your Christmas season!