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Kate Middleton Dutch Braid Up do

Hello all,
Sorry I have been MIA from blogging
 this week... but I am here with today's hair tutorial
and up-do inspired by our favorite princess!

I think this is such a pretty and classy look but do think it looks a bit more gorgeous on brunettes!!

Note:  to get a look even more similar to hers ...
create a smaller braid and leave out more sections of hair towards the front!

Jennifer Lopez Big Hair Tutorial

So here is today's hair tutorial.
Jennifer Lopez's 
Big Hair
two different styles, one loose and straight and one curly 
both big!

I demonstrate both on my head but of course I am not suggesting you do half and half style, just for demo purposes!!

Straighter Version 

Curlier Version

For the straight version leave half and inch to an inch at the ends and don't hold on curling iron quite as long. For curly side make sure you hold the ends in and create as many pieces and layers as you can for the volume!!