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My Adventure in Juicing and it's Secrets!

So let me start off my saying that I am VERY new to juicing.

We just recently bought our juicer from Target and are really enjoying it.

There are so many great benefits to juicing and if you have watched 
"Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"
than you know just what I am talking about.
{you can watch it on Netflix streaming if you have it}

You are taking fresh fruits or veggies and drinking that nutrients right into your body.

For me, the biggest plus to this is that sometimes, I really don't want to chew on greens for an hour in order to get all the nutrients that my body might need. So this helps in that process.

It can also help in weight loss and getting your body into better health overall. 

This was my first experiment in juicing for lunch.

My ingredients:
Tomato, Kale, Carrots, Brocoli, Spinach, Half a lemon (peeled) and a green apple.

{side note: Kale take FOREVER to juice, so just be patient if you try it}

So this is what happened in my little test.
I juiced the lemon, and tomatoes first as they are the "mushy-est". 
By the time I got the brocoli and kale in there it was taking so long I was worried that the juice sitting there would lose its fresh nutrients so I went ahead and chugged that first. With the lemon in it, awesome!

Again, after all the rest were juiced I was prepared to plug my nose and chug chug chug!
But with the apple in there, it was tolerable! Not bad at all.

So after you are all done feeling oh so healthy juicy you have to clean the juicer.
Ours catches all our pulp in this compartment on the side and also came with a list of ideas of what you can do with it!

Secret 1:

You can use all this pulp too hide veggies in your kids food, 
your husband's food, or your food.
 (try not to remember when you are eating it;)

I decided to save mine and add it to my meatloaf that night!
All my husband knew was that it tasted great!
Little did he know he was getting awesome vitamins and nutrients:)

Here are some other ways pulp can be used:
Fruit: Smoothies, Muffins, Breads, Pies, Cobblers.
{can be used blended or cooked}
Vegetables: Meat Loaf, Quiche, Casseroles, Lasagna, Soups or Stews

Awesome right?

Secret 2:
Drinking juice before meals can help curb appetites

Secret 3:
Adding Veggie or Fruit pulp to cooked dished can help aide in the digestive tract, as well as providing extra vitamins and minerals.

Secret 4: 
You can actually replace your morning coffee with a glass of juice for energy.
{I haven't, because I am in a passionate love affair with coffee, sorry juice}

and lastly I just saw this awesome secret on Good Morning America this morning.

Secret 5: 
Eating these foods regularly can make your skin more tan and attractive.

Forget the tanning beads, sprays, and creams, just eat your veggies ya'll!

THIS study found on Health Freedoms says 
"So eating carotenoid-rich food is not only a path to excellent health – it’s also a way to look good!"


Do you all juice? 
Any excellent recipes to share?