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Spring Wreath GIVEAWAY from Kirstin at Burlap&Buttons
Hey everyone, I would like you to meet my friend in real life, Kirstin, from Burlap and Buttons. Here she is to tell you a little more about herself, her blog, and her cute shop too and  she has something she wants to give away to one of you....

Here she is........

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” -Matsuo Basho

I am so happy to be sharing here at Eisy Morgan!  
Ashley is one of my closest friends and she is the one who really inspired me to begin blogging too!
I have been married to my incredible husband, Tyler for four years. We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Avaree, who is almost 2 years old.
We desire to be a family who loves and serves the Lord in all we do.
{Photo Credit: Char Beck Photography}
Home has always been an important place to me- the place I can create for my family, and where we laugh and grow together, the place where our memories are made.  But, our life has been a whirlwind and we have moved seven times in less than four years.
 I have learned the true meaning of "home" truly lies with those you love and not where you live

I have always loved decorating and crafts but I never had the confidence to consider myself creative or artistic and we never had enough money to buy expensive home décor. So, when I started trying my own projects and thrifting, I started to realize I had lots of ideas. I decided to stop second-guessing my style and just go with what I LOVE. I started Burlap and Buttons simply as a way to show family and friends some of my projects and share about our life. I knew nothing about followers or link parties or sponsorship etc. As I’ve grown a bit I have realized that blogging is not only so much fun and a great outlet for me but that it comes with new friends and incredible opportunities. I even started selling some of my creations in an Etsy store! I’m honored by every follower or comment… 
My goal is to inspire others to keep creating HOME even if that might be a tiny space on a strict budget or a new apartment every year. Here are some pictures from our home of the Spring décor I just put up in our home. And some little goodies I sell in the Etsy store. Thanks for letting me share with you! 



Would you like to win a lovely addition to your spring decor from Burlap & Buttons??

Kirstin has just whipped up this adorable SPRING WREATH that she is going to give away to one of you!!

All you have to do to enter is :
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{This giveaway will be open through Monday night April 2nd}


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Being featured in Simply Handmade Magazine!
No, not me!
 My sister was approached by 
 to feature one of her pillows in their magazine this summer. 
How exciting is that??


Check out her shop HERE!
I'm not biased or anything;) 
but my sister is super talented and you should check out her awesome shop!

Here are some of her amazing items:
Vintage gold tissue box holder

20x20 inch decorative pillow with handmade applique flowers
18x18 in Champagne cotton pillow with handmade applique flowers

Set of two 15x15in ruffled decorative cotton pillows

She is also starting to make custom bouquets like the ones she made for her wedding and her friend's as well.

Contact her through her Etsy with any questions!

Congratulations to my lil sis!!

Guest post from Heather at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary!!
I hope you all have been enjoying some guest posting this week! I want to introduce you to Heather from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary!

She has such an awesome heart, get to know her through this post and give her some love on her blog HERE!

Last night, my husband and I went on a date night. It was the first time in weeks that we've been able to spend time together outside of the house, without family or friends, without our puppy, without talking about life decisions, and without distractions. Those times are sacred. Dinner was great.

As we left, I noticed my heart started to feel agitated. My husband was yawning (already, seriously?) I started worrying about the dog and what he might be getting in to back at the house, the people walking in front of us on the sidewalk were smoking, it was a little warmer than I would have liked for the time of day, and then my husband yawned again. Then I started thinking about "what was next" on our date, and allowed my mind to wander off to daydream about all of the romantic evenings he had planned back when we were dating. Mid-yawn, he asked what I "wanted to do next," and I wanted to explode. 

They were high.
And I was peeved, because mine weren't being met.
felt let down.

I suggested we drive to the highest peak in the city.
It had a designated road that wound up to the top. It was a place we'd never been before. I hoped to see a pink and purple, beautiful Arizona sunset. I expected colors that lit up the sky and left me breathless.

And then we came to the top.
And the sky was foggy.
And it was really windy.
And it was kind of crowded and we were barely able to find a place to park the car.
And there was no beautiful, colorful sunset emblazoning the sky.

They were high.
And I was peeved, because mine weren't being met, again.
felt disappointed.

Joshua finally asked me what my problem was and I just started letting it all out. At that point, specifically that we were at the top of this gorgeous peak and I couldn't help but compare it to our favorite place to overlook the city back at home. He told me to stop comparing, to look at the positives, to look at what we love about our new home, to take in the moment together, and to just be still and find beauty in the moment. To thank God for it. That life itself is a gift. That I shouldn't expect it to go the way I want it to all the time. That I should feel thankfulness for God's grace & faithfulness in our life. That I should feel grateful for the trials, and for the changes, that bring growth in me.

I love how he is so positive about life and how he approaches life so thankfully. Thankful to just be alive, to breathe, to have life; to have me, to have our family and friends, to have Jesus, and to have eternal life. I rarely hear him complain. His expectations are simple, if any.

And he was right.

I came home to see these words on my refrigerator. I had written them down one day while listening to an audio tape while cleaning:

"God gave us the gift of feelings, and feelings are good. But feelings should simply be indicators-- but never dictators-- of how we react to our situations."
-- Lysa Turkeurst

How many times have I let my feelings be indicators of how I respond to my husband, to friends, to family, to co-workers, to the little kids in the neighborhood?

How many times have I not shown love simply because of how I've felt I've been treated by others?

How many times have I rejected my husband because of how I feel after unrealistic expectations have not been met? 

How do I feel when I do an act of kindness, show love, or do a friend a favor and I don't get the response Iexpected

There will always be bad days.
There will always be... the menstrual cycle. When we feel gross.
There will always be... bad hair days, zit days, and bloated days. When we feel ugly.
There will always be... that car that decides to cut us off on the freeway. When we feel aggressively angry.
There will always be... a whiny, teething baby. When we feel like we're going to rip our hair out.
There will always be... the prettier woman. When we feel jealous.
There will always be... the cleaner house. When we feel inadequate.
There will always be... the house with the perfect white fence. When we feel envious.
There will always be... lack of sleep. When we feel grouchy.
There will always be... uncertainty about our future. When we feel anxious. 
There will always be... the next thing.
When we let our feelings become an excuse for responding in an unGodly way, we sin. When we let our expectations rob us of the beauty of today, we miss out.
I was humbled tonight. I was letting my feelings rob me of my joy. I let unattainable expectations rob me of a beautiful evening with my husband, who was exhausted from a hard day at work and who had graciously taken me to dinner despite it. I excused myself to my sin because I was "premenstrual" and "overwhelmed with an incredible amount of change." I allowed myself to enter the self-pity pit. I allowed it all to rule.

Do you struggle with letting your feelings rule? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you have unmet expectations that are not of God? Do you have unrealistic expectations for your husband, for your family, for your friends? 

"Love never gives up.
   Love cares more for others than for self.
   Love doesn't want what it doesn't have.
   Love doesn't strut,
   Doesn't have a swelled head,
   Doesn't force itself on others,
   Isn't always "me first,"
   Always looks for the best."
 1 Cor 13, the MSG

May we give the desires and expectations that lay in our hearts over to Jesus who is truly the only person who can fufill us. May our feelings simply be indicators, not dictators, of how we respond and react to situations that come our way today. 

.. Heather ...
Finding Beauty in the Ordinary