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Our Christmas Party & Favorite Things Idea

Thank you everyone for participating in the ornament exchange! 
The ones you have posted are GORGEOUS! Great job and keep linking up if you haven't or check them out HERE:)

So here are the rest of my Christmas Party Pics!

I decided to have a 
Ugly Christmas Sweater/Favorite Things Party!!

Have you heard of these Favorite Things parties
I read about it again, on Pinterest, in the summer and really wanted to have one for Christmas time! I thought about inviting Oprah, that would have made it WAY better;)

You have to bring 5 of your favorite things, so mine was a mocha mix I put together!

We had soo much fun exchanging gifts and we just want to make them even better next year!

I also decided to make a little photo booth area, because who doesn't love photos!

 You know I DO!;)

So I just hung up a long roll of wrapping paper 
and bought some props from the dollar store.
 I made the Santa beard and we were good to go!

My husbands favorite thing was Cream Soda
 so I jazzed them up a bit by making them reindeer!

Pretzel ears, mini chocolate chip eyes, and the cherry chew for the nose! 

I put them on the table and some people thought they were just to drink, 
so you could use them like that as well!

  Here is the spread! 
Find how to do the Snow Men HERE
the Christmas Tree Decorations HERE

And here is our fun!!

Have you guys thrown or gone to any parties? 
Any fun ideas?