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Classic Layered Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Here is today's tutorial all!
It's a mix between the faux hawk pony and the ponytail trick

Here is the description of steps....

In this tutorial I show you how to do a layered pony where your elastic is covered by your hair. It is similar to the faux hawk pony  pony without the faux hawk. You first leave two sections out. One that include your bangs and front side pieces, pin out of the way. The sections is at the crown of your head which you will tease and lay over the ponytails. If you have enough hair left over than do the ponytail trick and create two small ponytails one right on top of the other to create the illusion of length. With the piece at the crown of your head tease and lay over elastics. With the front section you are going to loosely pin pieces under the ponytail with bobby pins.

 Another ponytail alternative for you!