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Feeling Alive!
So one of my "resolutions" was to do more things that make me feel alive. Well, one of the first few days we were back in California it snowed, a lot. My mom and I had already planned to run that day but I wasn't sure with all the snow. We decided to go anyways! It was amazing. It was surprisingly warm for it being snowing, and so so beautiful! It was one of "those" moments...I LOVED it! And it really did make me feel alive...

What things do you do that make you feel alive? Or what things do you think you would want to try? Share, share, share..I love it!
So, why not run?
I never considered running in my life. Why I started was because I wanted something that I could do cheaply, and I was getting bored with my work out videos in the house. I started in a good month, May, so it was easy to get outside and nice to run in the warm weather.
When I started trying to push myself further, the only thought in my mind was that I wanted to do something that I believed would be rather impossible. The more I pushed, the more surprised I was that I could actually do it. It is surprising how quickly your body adjusts and I believe anyone can be a runner. Most of all I wanted to find something that challenged me as well as I could measure (quite literally) and that I enjoy. It's not just about "getting skinny". It's about doing something with your body and pushing it and enjoying the fact that you can run! Sometimes we just have to change our outlook on these things.
Now granted, I would not consider myself a pro or seasoned in this at all. I have taken some time off running with the change of weather and that combined with the change in the altitude has slowed down my progress greatly! I have been back in training for three weeks now, but last week, all excuses aside, I only got two days in! Ouch. It makes such a big difference. So back in the saddle we go.
I came across this article in my Runners World about how "Survive Pitfalls if you are just starting out, or returning" with a sub article called
"Tap Your Inner Runner". Here is what Dr. Udewitz has to say about winning the mental battle, so many battles are lost in the mind before we ever even enter the battle!

So why not run, join me in accomplishing the seemingly impossible. You can!

Tap Your Inner Runner
Rob Udewitz, Ph.D., on winning the mental battle to hit the road.

Thinking in terms of mileage may seem overwhelming. Instead, commit to a set number of minutes. Time goals allow you just to be out there, without the pressure of feeling like you have to cover a specific distance.

When running is the last thing you want to do, remember how good you feel afterward. That memory alone can get you out the door.

On Monday, promise yourself a treat that weekend for accomplishing your week's running goals. Ice cream tastes better when it's earned.
(note from me: I wouldn't reward yourself with food if you are dealing with eating and overeating i.e. weight: what else do you love? a new running shirt, a bath, a massage, a pedicure, a new book or magazine? think outside the box)

Rather than trying to block out discomfort and negative thoughts, recognize them and try to find a solution. Focusing on what you're feeling can help you find a productive way to alleviate it—whether it's changing your form or taking a walk break.

Not all goals need to be big or long-term. Think about what you want to achieve on tomorrow's run. Seal the commitment by writing down how long you'd like to go.

FEEL BETTER: Resist the urge to try and run faster than you did yesterday. Speed gains don't happen overnight. To help you avoid this problem, run without a watch.

Slow Going for Beginning Runners at Runner's World