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Why Losing Weight is Hard (pt2): Convenience Eating
This is part 2, if you would like to read part 1 
you can find it HERE 
(Emotional Eating)

Another reason losing weight is hard for me, is that 
I am a Convenience Eater

I haven't looked into it, but I don't think this is any kind of official term, so you might ask, what is a Convenience Eater?

Well, for me, the quicker, easier, more accessible it is to get from my hand to my mouth, the more likely I am to eat it.
Good, bad or indifferent, it is just the way it is.

Some people LOVE to cook. I enjoy it, sometimes, but not that much...otherwise this blog would have WAY more recipes and the like. The truth is, if I am really hungry I do NOT want to make something from scratch, even if it might be way healthier to do so. Here steps in, cereal, frozen food, snack food, you get the picture.

This is another reason fast food probably tops in many peoples diets, because it is CONVENIENT! ha. I suppose I am not the only one who either doesn't want to, nor always has the time, to cook amazing home cooked nutritious meals. Fast food is right there, ready...and well...FAST!

For these two reasons alone is a good halt to the ol waistline! There are few foods which are grab and go that are excellent for your health and also taste OK. This problem has, and probably always will be a hurdle for me with weight.

I have gone through stages where I really want to eat more healthy and I will cook every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will be honest and say, that doesn't last long. There are just some things you just have to know and recognize about yourself and not pretend you are going to turn into Martha Stewart over night and become a different person. It's more about figuring out how to work with yourself to make better decisions.

Something I have been trying is to make a big pot of vegetable type soup and then freeze the leftovers in baggies. Quick to warm up! Keeping as many OK grab-able snack type foods around, my go-to's are my Zone Bars (mostly for breakfast) and string cheese. The other key is to keep the rest of the junk OUT. I know that if I make a pan of brownies and they are sitting on my counter or fridge that this screams...easy, fast, not to mention my convenience ways! So, I just don't do it, and if I do, give it to my husband to take to work. Its not about deprivation, but just being honest and knowing our weaknesses. If I was an alcoholic having all my favorite or ANY alcohol sitting around in my house at all time would not be smart. Yes, we have to eat, no we don't have to eat a whole box of brownies, because I know I have that capability!

And with going out, and or fast food, I have just decided if I want something I can have it...but the small, or the kids size...but if I really know I can eat something else and be just as satisfied go to those places or choose places where I can make a better choice. Cause let's face it, fast food and eating out aren't going away, so the way I choose to eat at those places is what is going to have to change. The food isn't the problem, it's my abuse of it.
great article...lists healthy choice foods with yummy recipes.
Slowly, I am working on these things. I will always be a convenience eater, of this I am pretty sure, but I have to figure out ways to work with it. I share them because I hope that I can process it and they will be embedded into my thinking and it just becomes my way of life, and not my diet

Speaking of thinking, I want to talk about that in part 3, about how we have to change our thoughts and how our own heads make losing weight hard.

Are you a convenience eater? What do you think makes losing weight hard for you?