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Question Contest to win a CUSTOM headband!
Hey all...
I have been wanting to do a question and answer session so I have one for my blog but I also wanted to jazz it up a little and make it a bit more exciting! So I am making it a contest for BEST QUESTION!
The one chosen will win a custom headband like this...
 you can tell me which deign you would prefer and I will make it for you:)
Watch my VLOG bellow for all the details....
(I am also wearing this one so you can see it

So what are your questions??? 
{this contest will be open until next Monday night at 8:00 PM 3.14.11 for submissions}
I'm a finalist!!
I have entered the DIY Custom Blog Design Contest over at Makin Cute Blogs, you can see the post here. I stumbled upon the contest as I was using all of Carolynn's amazing tutorials on blog design, so I thought I might as well enter. It is yet another creative outlet for me, but it is very detail oriented, I am not very good yet. 
There are a lot of great entries in the contest, so here's to HIGH hopes..ha ha! 
The winner will be announced tomorrow, so I will let you know!