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Goal Setting 2014: My Hopes and Plans

Here it is, February 19th and I am finally getting around to posting about my goals for 2014. My knee certainly put a damper on things, but it is never too late, right?

So I wrote about thoughts on change for the New Year HERE, but these things are ideas and questions I accumulated from around the internet, mostly from Lara Casey. She has great info and insights, check her out if you have a chance!

So here are the questions and my answers for 2014.
 {I will write as well the prompts that Lara included} 
Note: some of these I wrote before I hurt myself.

How am I?
Write out 3 things that are challenging you in life today or lately and also three things you are grateful for.
1-Running out of medication. I am worried about that and if I have to stop taking it and how that will affect me. I am worried about the fact that I can't for back to the doctor who originally prescribed it. I feel guilty about putting it off again. {UPDATE: I went back to the same office but different doc, I really liked her and she gave me a script for a year so I don't have to worry about this at all. Also, our insurance has kicked in for more coverage and now only have to pay $13 for it rather than $75. Praise God!}

2- Realizing how many things we need to start paying for, feeling submerged by it, but wanting to get a grip on it. {UPDATE: little did I know we were about to accumulate a whole lot more debt with two ER trips. But I have started facing these things with Daniel, and although we don't know how we are going to pay for them still, we know what we are facing instead of being afraid of it all, and have peace that God knows and sees}

3-Feeling stuck in weight loss, had one pretty bad eating day, need to refocus. {UPDATE: I have still been having bad eating days and I need to refocus AGAIN, but as of this morning I have lost about 35 lbs since I had my son. Here is a little before and after of me back in my pre-pregnancy jeans. I am documenting the whole thing on a secret instagram, maybe I will let people know about it someday:) Still plan on needing to lose another 40 or so, yep I was that big!

Thankful for:
1- That I have the ability to change things
2-Thankful for new beginning and hope.
3-Thankful for my boys

What worked in 2013?
-I got pregnant with my 2nd boy
-My pregnancy was much more positive
-I worked on trying to be more positive in my pregnancy
-I had an intense learning and growing time with the Lord for at least half of the year and most of my pregnancy
-We didn't end up having to move to Pueblo
-I tried new things, found new ways to help myself. {Dental school, counseling}
-Had a quick and faster than expected recovery from my c-section
-Decided to start losing weight three weeks postpartum and have been successful
-Trained for and ran a 5k post baby
-Eisy is much easier than expected
-I made good decisions for myself when I was struggling {getting off Instagram/Facebook etc for a time}
-Started meds again
-Believing I am OK, its OK to be proud of who I am, my life. Grace.

What didn't work in 2013?
-Not facing reality about our finances
-Not having a car
-Being too vulnerable with the wrong people
-Not protecting myself
-Not taking care of myself
-Not fighting for myself
-Not believing truth
-Blurred boundaries with family
-Not having enough friends
-Not being able/willing to trust God
-Trusting our church at the time in my/our pain

What did you learn from what worked?
-There is always time and ways to include the Lord if I really want to
-It's OK to help myself and be proud of myself
-I have the ability to change my life

What are the biggest things learned from what didn't work?
-I gave away my power too easily
-Some feelings are better than others. Being in control and proud of myself over feeling satisfied by tons of junk food or overeating.
-Being vulnerable with the wrong people is unwise. "Don't cast your pearls before swine"

What fires me up?
-Being inspire to change for the better
-Inspiring others to see how they might change for the better
-Reading great books
-Writing quotes
-Dancing to great music
-Learning something new
-Doing something artistic or creative
-Good conversation
-Talking to Ashton
-Dates with Daniel
-Good music with great lyrics
-Movies/Shows/Docs I find personal meaning in

What is my 2014 vision?

What kind of life do I want to live this year?
A happy one, an exciting one, an adventurous one, an accomplished one. One that I am proud of. One where I ask for and expect and take chances.

Where do I want to be when I am 80?
When I am 80 I want to still be very active. I want to be inputting into younger women's lives and my children and grandchildren. I want to write a Bible study and teach it when I am 80.

Why do I do what I do?
I am a stay at home mom because it is important to me for my boys to have their earliest years of formation with me. Even though it is hard sometimes I know this time is going to fly by and no amount of money or comfort is worth the trade for that. I study and blog because I want to learn and grow and change and share with others anything I might help them with. I want to glorify God and see people changed and set free like I have been.

What is my mission?
My mission is to glorify God as much as possible with my life. To love God, love people and love life. To challenge and change and share with others. Disciple.

If I could envision my best year yet, what does it look like?
It probably wouldn't have started out with a major injury, but I still believe in some way it is bringing good. It would be intentional, know what I want and make time for those things. To connect with new/old friends, get into vibrant community, get a car, stop letting fear make choices for me in regards to; finances, doctors, people, etc. To be more connected to the Lord and His word than ever before and to get a few opportunities to speak and share some writing.

2014 is the Year I....
-Make New Friends
-Stop being so closed off
-Write More
-Pray for open doors and opportunity
-LISTEN to the Lord and obey
-Be Brave
-Lose 45 more lbs
-Press into who God has created me to be
-Dream Unafraid
-Limit comparison
-Be intentional with Daniel
-Explore why I withhold emotionally
-See God provide for our financial needs
-Trust God More
-Look for beauty
-Be more thankful

What am I saying NO to in 2014?
-Questioning God's intentions and heart towards me
-Fear dictating life to me {including people's opinions}
-Doubting my calling, personality, and gifts
-Giving up on losing weight
-Volunteering for anything I am not equipped for or God has released me to
-Pointless blog stuff
-Unnecessary drama

What am I saying YES to in 2014?
-Taking steps forward
-Trusting God
-Ministry Opportunities
-Encouraging people
-Speaking truth
-Sharing me and my heart

Next week I hope to share my answers to Donald Miller's life coaching week.