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Stop KONY 2012 and what we can do....

We, as bloggers, know that we have influence in our little corner of the world. But if something catches on, especially on Pinterest it can be in all our faces in such a short time. Bloggers can influence their corner of the internet and how to utilize social media. So for this reason I am writing this and asking you to take part as well.

Whenever I am moved by something like this, I want to help but I am never sure what to do, but I know how to share something, re-tweet something, spread the word...and so do you. I am not the one going into Africa, I am not a politician, I am just one girl with one blog, but all our little motions can make a big wave.

Many of you may have seen your friends post the video below on Facebook or elsewhere. If you haven't taken the time to watch it, please do.

Here is what we can do

Write a post about KONY
Tweet THIS
Share KONY2012 on Facebook
Use THIS as your facebook cover photos
Like Bloggers Making Kony Famous facebook page
Pin Pin Pin
Share this blog post with others who are not aware of the
 KONY 2012Campaign. 
Spread the word.

                                                Click HERE to donate to Invisible Children
                                                      Click HERE to purchase the KITS

                                                      Click HERE to sign the pledge 

Here are some buttons linked to KONY2012 and Bloggers Making Kony Famous
for your blog posts or side bars

Spreading the word is something we can do. 
We can help make him and his crimes against children known.