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Bet You Didn't Know I {things you need to know but might not}
So I am sure you all have a board like this on Pinterest, but I just wanted to share my collection in a small series because some of these things are just too good to miss out on!! I named it the "Bet you didn't know..." board because I really have never heard of so many of these. 

{All the original sources and more detailed info can be found by clicking on the photo!}

Check some of them out....

How to keep that broken zipper up!


Emergency Ingredient Substitutions

There is such a thing as a Portable High Chair! 
{I need this next time round!}

on the go lifestyle

Create nail art with scrap book paper and rubbing alcohol!

Treat cracked heals and blackened feet with 
shaving cream and Listerine!


Use ends of 2 liter bottles, hot glue zipper, instant snack pack!

Not gonna lie... this is aMazinG!!  cut the bottoms off of two bottles. glue zipper inside & instant snack container for kiddies

You can make your own dry shampoo!

DIY Dry Shampoo

Did you know these existed? Lunch crock pot? Awesome!
it's a lunch crock pot...can warm up leftovers, heat soups or slow cook anything you want by lunch $29.99 at WalMart

Did you know putting marshmallows in brown sugar 
keeps it softer, longer?

{more to come next Tuesday}