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My Hair Care Tips {Products & Processes}

I have had some questions about the products I use for my hair....
let me tell you they are nothing too exciting, I wish I could afford those!!!
But I will share what works for me and would love to know items you can't live without because I am always up for trying new products!!

My Hair:
If you have watched any of my videos you may have been able to tell I have a massive amount of hair and it is thick, and getting pretty long, so keep that in mind with any or all of these ideas.

Here is the video and below I also have it all in writing:)

Processes I use:
-I don't wash my hair every day. Every other or every three days. Why? It dries out my hair not allowing the natural oils from my scalp to reach the length of my hair causing it to be weak or coarse. If you want to wet to restyle daily try using conditioner only and only at the roots to cut back on oily scalp!

-When I do wash my hair I like to leave my conditioner on for 5 minutes or more and keep a brush or comb in the shower to brush it through to make sure its evenly distributed and to ensure the best condition...{think shave my legs time}

-Switch between shampoos and conditioners. I don't always have two sets, but if I do I try to switch back and forth every few days so my hair doesn't adjust to one kind or another.

-Brush your hair or tease out before getting in the shower to avoid tangles {especially for longer hair}

-Try to let you hair air dry as much as possible {night time showers, or at least wash your hair at night??}

-To maximize your moisture in your hair try to switch styles so you hair isn't too dried out by dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. {My hair basically hates me when I try and make a bunch of tutorials back to back!}

Products I am Currently Using:

Shampoo and Conditioner:
Organix: In this video I mention the Coconut Milk and I just bough the Morocan Argan Oil and I like it a lot better!
So Sexy by Victoria Secret

Oil: I also want to try Moroccan Oil but I bought Organix brand to try as well and I like it.

Leave in Conditioner: Aveeno Nourish + Condition

Blow Dry Straightening Balm: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine

Hairspray: Sauve Max Hold


{all opinions shared in this post concerning these products are my own}

OK, please tell me what I am missing and need to try!! 
Spill your beauty secrets!!