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Fall Fever: Why I am excited for Autumn!
I am really getting excited for Fall!
My favorite season is always the one that is coming next and I am convinced each one is just long enough for us for us to enjoy and then be ready for the next! Do you know what I mean? 

For cups of coffee that serve to warm the body & hands and flavors like “Pumpkin Spice” and enjoying it because it just more enjoyable when its not so hot outside!


For Wellies, tights with boots, changing colors of the trees and leaves, cooler nights{and days}, sweaters, scarves, hats, pumpkins and soups!
I am excited for all these things!!

But I will try to enjoy the rest of my SUMMER 
for once it is gone I will miss it too!

Is anyone else excited for Autumn?
What are you most looking forward to??
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