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Be Still: True Beauty by Lisa Chan {Giveaway & Review}
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Being a long time fan of Francis Chan, his books and his sermons I was thrilled when I was asked to review his wife's newest video in her DVD series by the name of True Beauty.
This DVD is called Be Still check it out HERE

 I have watched her teach a bit on past marriage talks they had done as a couple and she has such a sincerity, peace and yet a boldness about her, which I love.

The timing of me watching this first video was not lost on me. 
I had a very tough day full of busyness of both  body and mind, and much emotion. 

Here is a 2 min preview of the video...

Lisa talks about the way we women can fill our lives with so many things and we are running from one thing to the next. I can only imagine as the kids get older and we get more free time we fill with our own things and they get more involved in activities of their own how you can feel like you just never stop.

Even as a stay at home to a two year old I find ways to fill my days and keep myself busy and find myself feeling "less than" if I am not. In our society today you are only worth anything if you can do it all, quite literally.

In this video Lisa talks about the importance of just being still. Us and the Lord, alone, quiet, listening.

For some, this idea makes their skin crawl. 
Sitting in silence, waiting and listening for the Lord, 
facing what we're possibly running from knowing or hearing from God.

But if the Lord has been speaking anything to me recently,it is this very thing. 
In every sermon, podcast, random devotional, is that I can not do or be anything significant without Him. And I don't find Him and His power by running from one great church event to another, by serving in every ministry that needs me, or even spending time with amazing people who know Him.

 He says 
"Seek first my kingdom, and these things will be added to you as well" 
but so many of us miss the seek part and just want things added...yesterday if possible. 

Lisa emphasizes that what we really actually want, we aren't making any time for. That what really gives us strength, patience, love and power, you know all those things we are full of talk about...we don't take the time to sit with the Lord, be quiet, stop, receive from Him, love Him. Not for Him to hurry and answer our prayers the way we need, not to give us more hours in our day, not to ask and ask, but just be with Him. Just love Him.

I think this is so vital and why I love the Chan's, because they simply take God for His word at face value. I think we like to complicate things and really make excuses for our lack of depth while we maintain a great width that is about to topple without any roots. It is such a good reminder, such a fundamental truth, we will not bear fruit without staying connected to the vine.

I highly recommend this particular video and I am looking forward to the other ones to follow in this series.

If you would like a personal copy of the DVD they have one to giveaway to one of my readers.

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