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The Hunger Games, Katniss, and Us

So, I usually do not jump on the books into movies craze. I am just one of those people sometimes, observe the masses and do the opposite...or stubborn. I have only seen one of the Twilight movies and maybe one of the Harry Potter movies and read zero of the books in either series.

I still might though! 

But I wanted a new story to listen to while I was on my long runs and I had grown tired of my usual books that I had been listening to. I rarely read fiction at all, but this time I just wanted to listen to a story while I was out for three hours. I asked for suggestions on Facebook and the first one to come back was the 
Hunger Games.

 I knew virtually NOTHING about it, but saw several of my friends buzzing about it around social media.


I started listening to it on my run and really had to finish it this week.
 It is very captivating!

{If you haven't read it this post might be useless to you, although the comparisons in the story to our lives can be clearly drawn...that and the movie comes out next weekend, so go see it!}

I actually finished listening to in bed last night. Guess what I had dreams about?
Only in the dream, I was Katniss.

I poked around the internet a bit to look for allegory or metaphor amidst the story.

I particularly liked THIS excerpt from a book called 
The Hunger Games and Philosophy: A Critique of Pure Treason

I will quote once from there, but these are my thoughts on it from my perspective.

Here is a story about a girl born into a world that is set up to make her life difficult from the start.

She see's herself as an average girl, just doing her best to get by, to take care of the ones she loves.

They have a horrible tradition of The Hunger Games which is the epitome of a society gone bad.

And she is forced to play.

This is not all so different from my world, from yours.

We were born into a world that is hard from the start.
We learn quickly to just keep our heads down and do what we have to do.
Some, more than others.

And we are subconsciously forced into a game.

A game where we are forced to question our ability and our worth constantly.

And our nature is, to question ourselves, because what value DO we have? 
What do we have to offer, what skills are we equipped with, what is our life worth?

But then there comes a point when you have to face what is placed in the battle.

For the first while, you feel like such a fraud, and like Katniss , all it is about is survival when you are first thrown into the arena.

We try and run from the problem, suppose all kinds of crazy things are happening that probably aren't, we're scared knowing we don't know what in the world we are doing, we are unarmed and incapable.

And yet, somehow, we still know there is an appearance to keep up, a game in play.

Don't let anyone know how scared, unsure, desperate for relief you are.

And then hard and tragic things happen, circumstances change, and you realize you have made it through.

You realize you are not as weak and unable as you previously thought. You begin to believe the things others have been trying to encourage in you for a long time. You begin to understand the game and start turning the game around on the game makers.

You are not their pawn and you rebel against the game while learning to play it better.

As the book mentioned above states about Katniss....

"Katniss must constantly reinterpret who she is and discover anew what she's capable of doing. With each new role she takes on, she learns new truths about herself"

And this is where I find myself in my life.

No longer willing to cave into the games that  society demands I play.

The message to us that we are only valuable if we are:
"thin, young, the best business women, mothers, lovers, and endowed in all the right places"
while also telling us to 
"be ourselves".


We can not escape where we are,
 where we live,
 the unsaid or said expectations on us, 
but we need not feel
or afraid. 
We have skills,
 we have heart, 
we have smarts,
 we have fight.

So fight.

Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous,” 
President Snow 
(from the movie)