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I updated my About Me page, finally....

So I finally updated my About Me page yesterday. 
It still said I was 29, total lie now that I am 31! 
Trying to stay in the 20s Ashley?? Hmmm??
The pics were old, I made it when I started my blog, it was SO time.

So for any new followers, here is a little about who is behind this little blog;)

{I am copying it here for your viewing pleasure, ha ha}

I thought that instead of writing all about me I would add pictures to describe me...

I'm me and my name is Ashley!
{people think my name is Eisy and that's OK, but it really is Ashley}
I am now 31 and I love all things beautiful.

I started this blog when I was battling depression as an escape.
Now I use it to release anything creative in me that I want to do, or say.
I love to write what is in my heart, sharing beauty inside and out and just being.

I stopped concerning myself with the competition blogging can feel like because I can't keep up with it, and I enjoy it so much more now.

I call this blog:

Eisy Morgan

{Named after my husbands and my own middle names!}

This is where I share....

{the good, the bad, the ugly and the hair tutorials...ha ha}

I am a Christ follower.
I love Jesus and although I am not perfect it is very important to me to be real, honest, and vulnerable about what I struggle with but also what I have overcome with His help!

{Read my Story with God HERE}
{Read about my depression HERE}

I'm a wife.

I'm married to my wonderful husband, Daniel, for over 3 years now.
He is a wonderful gift from the Lord.
Only God would know what kind of man I really needed.
 I love him with all of my heart and as serious as I take life, he never lets me take myself too seriously.
Read our love story HERE

I'm a mother.

My baby boy was born January 5th, 2010
and I love him with all of my heart.
He is pretty laid back like his daddy and
I have the privileged of staying home with him and be his full time mommy.

Having a child is God's way of saying
"You thought you were in control of your every day life...HA!"

He is now 2.5 and such a joy in my life!

I'm a sister and a daughter. 

Here is my side of the em.

We moved to Colorado almost two years ago, my brother Garrett (far right. moved out a year later with his family and this summer my brother Troy, the one with his mouth open... moved out and hopefully his fam will join soon!)
We got them, ha ha ha!

My family is one filled with weirdos and we like it like that!

My sister is amazing at all things artistic...
read her blog HERE!
I'm a runner and marathoner!!
{so amazing I can say this, and if I can do it anyone can! Read my marathon story HERE}

I also just recently ran my first half with my sister-in-law!

I'm a friend. 
 I am blessed to say that I have several friends who I would call "heart friends".

Those are the ones that you can be real with and they "get you".
Rare and Beautiful!

I love adventure and traveling.

I love trying new things and having fun.

and I love, love, love to laugh!

Looking forward to getting to know you if I don't know you already!

Email me {Ashley}

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