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Christmas Ornament Exchange Hi-lights Round 1!
You guys have done an amazing job on these ornaments and I just want to share them with everyone!
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, I love seeing them all and you all getting to know one another better as well:)

I will try to hi-light as many as I can:)

Here are some of your awesome ornaments!!

At Home with Mrs H's exchange partner sent her this lovely ribbon ornament! <3

and this cute button ornament she sent over!

Allison from Feeding My Temple received this beautiful original ornament from Jennifer of Vintage Gwen

Mommy Does sent Rachel this cute flower ornament

and she received this cute piggy with a Santa hat!

Jennifer from Finding My Way received this adorable bird ornament from Carrie at Mile High Frances

blog stuff 014

and Carrie received these adorable handmade ornaments from Jennifer!

Megan from Absolute Mommy received these adorable ornaments from from her partner Nikki  at Neal Nikki Walen & Falcon

and this is the one Megan made for Nikki. Find a tutorial on how to make this one HERE
My Christmas Ornaments from the Exchange!

Time to share the ornament I made for my exchange partner
 Kim from The Sasse Life 
and the ADORABLE one she made for me as well. 

Here is the one I made for her...
My first attempt at an origami ornament! It took a while to make but was fun as well. It would look really cute in older book pages as well. 

Here is how you can make one too!
I used an old devotional book that had gold edges which I liked!

Cut book pages 3.5x3.5
{You are going to need quite a few so make sure you have enough pages}

Fold one corner to the top making a triangle.

Fold those corners to the top point

It should make a square

Fold the top corners down to the bottom outwards.

Glue the bottom corners together creating a petal. 
You will repeat this 8 times per flower.

Then you will glue the other flowers together at their base. 
They will all fit together like a puzzle!

When you are on the last flower make sure to glue in the ribbon!

And now the one that Kim made me!

Isn't it amazing! It's our little family in snowmen!!!
I love it, thanks so much Kim. Go check out her awesome blog!

Have you linked yours up yet???

Do it HERE!

Christmas Ornament Exchange 2011 Sign Ups!!


Here it is yall!

This is how it will work....

  • There is a form below that you need to fill out (instead of linky, less compliated). One for US/Canadian participants and one for International and I will try and pair you appropriately
(We will be sending to the same people in order to try and get to know one another better)

  • Please help me spread the word by putting the button in your sidebar or pinning the flyer to pinterest! {you guys are the ones who will help this be a great success and the more the merrier right?}

  • You can create an ornament from hand or purchase one, it is up to you. Make it fun, personal, include a family recipe, be creative!! 

  • Make sure you mail your ornament no later than December 11th to be sure they have it for their tree in time! Take a picture of what you send to add to your post.

  • Once you have received your ornament take a picture or two and write up a post where I will host a linky!

  • The most creative ornaments/posts will be featured here as well!!

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Happy Ornament Making or Hunting!!