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Biggest Loser Challenge Week 4

Alright's it going??? You know if you have already joined us that I emailed about my FUNKY week. This is the thing, not only was it Valetines week we also got our tax return back and so it was like the week turned into a big party, and the truth is, eating is included in my celebrating. I felt so blah this week. Just keepin it real, and I haven't even done my weightloss blog entry from last week!! Sorry. 
I am so proud of all of you guys tho for jumpin in there on the emails and encouraging one another, and me! That is what it is all about.
So, I am going to start again and that is what it's about right? We fall down, then we get back up! I just get so annoyed with myself for not doing it! It's like "2 weeks??? That's all you got in you??" and I answer, "yep, oh well". I annoy MYSELF! ha ha

So here is the blogging challenge for this week:
Why do you think it is so hard sometimes or all the time?
What are you telling yourself about your success or failure?

Thoughts from Geneen Roth:

"At some point - now - it's a leap of faith. You decide that you're worthy. You decide to let yourself delight in one thing, one sensation that isn't taste. You decide to forget the judgment about your body long enough to remember the brilliance that is being alive!!

Email me if you need links or would like to join in!!
Biggest Loser Challenge Week 3

I can't believe how fast these past two weeks have gone by! How is everyone doing?? 
If you are new here, please join us! We had new additions even last week, because it is NEVER too late! Just email me where you will be posting, I know this is a sensitive subject all!
Thank you so much for everyone who has kept it real with where they are and how they are struggling or being strong. Just remember that every day is a day to get up and try again, to make different choices that day then you did before. Believe me I am telling this to myself more than you!! I am so all or nothing I think if I have one off day that I should just give up, but that is not helping anything!

I think I read most everyone's blog posts, but it is hard to miss a few here and there! Email it to me or send me the link in these comments or my weight loss blog comments so I can make sure to be able to encourage you, and yes, I need encouragement too. You can't believe how much your support has helped me already!

Blogging Challenge for the week:
  • How are you feeling? About yourself, eating, weight loss?
  • Have you noticed any changes big or small?
  • What are you going to try different this week? (Eating fish once this week, drinking ALL the water, taking a can be anything)

More thoughts from Geneen Roth:

" Although we might not recognize this reality, being thin can carry a burden of it's own. For instance, if I feel that when I am thin I mist be vivacious and socially active, and I am a solitary human being by nature, I am not going to want to get thin. I will unconsiously block myself from achieving my goal-even while staying frustrated and impatient that I can't reach it. It is therefore important for us to be aware of what we believe about being thin, and most especially, what those things are that are important for us to do, that we believe we won't be able to do when we are thin."

Complete this list: Being thin means I can't:
1) be insecure or quiet or afraid
2) have another chocolate bar as long as I live

Do you suprise yourself with your completion of these statements? Notice how your weight and size speak for you, how they express who you are and how you feel.

(Adapted from Geneen Roth's Why Weight workbook)

All in all, remember this...and have a great week! Go us!!

Biggest Loser Challenge Week 2

So here we are, entering week 2 of our challenge. I hope you all had a good week!
Remember, it is never too late to start, or start again!
If you blogged about your first week, please leave a comment with your link, or if you are more comfortable keeping it private, email it to me at eisymorgan(at)gmail(dot)com! There are several ladies who are blogging with the posts on private, but send me the link so at least someone has their back! Feel free to do the same and link up here 
My week was a step in the right direction. I did NOT drink as much water as I intended and I didn't keep a food journal. Boooo.
I did work out 5 times this week and paid attention to only eating when I was hungry. Check out my weight loss blog for more details. (leave a comment if you don't have the link and would like it)

So here is the blogging challenge for this week:
  • Write about ONE failure from the week in regards to this, and how you want to change that
  • Write about TWO successes and how they made you feel
Thoughts to ponder from Geneen Roth:
"Most of us believe that if we didn't have conflicts with food our lives would be wonderful. We would be happy, beautiful, free. But the truth is that compulsive eating takes up a HUGE amount of our time-thinking about it, planning binges, worrying about our bodies, strategizing about how different life will be when we are thin. Without compulsive eating, our lives really would be drastically different.
What would your life be like if you were thin? If you were to live with no conflicts about food, how would the way you live and the quality of your days be different?"

Complete the following sentence: 
If I didn't have conflicts about food....
(ex. I would have more energy, my friends would feel threatened by me)
I would.....
My life would.....
My friends would...
My family would...
My days would...
My dreams in life would...

(adapted from Geneen Roth's workbook Why Weight)

Remember that how you think really drives how you live. 
I will write more about my journey with this the past week at my weight loss blog.

It is never to late to start, or start again. The secret to success is support, right ladies?
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