5 Reasons to take a Social Media Break

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Have you ever felt like you wanted to escape this weird urge to hurry but you aren’t even sure where you’re supposed to hurry to? Ever wanted to know why you struggle so much with being content or why you feel generally bad about yourself? I have, and after just ending my third summer in a row of an extended social media break I want to share 5 reasons I’ve noticed that have huge benefits to stepping away from the constant scroll.

*if you know me you know that I love social media and that I will continue to use it. There are ways to do all these things without taking a break but these are just a few of the things I enjoy while stepping away for a while.

  1. You reconnect with who you really are rather than who you think you should be


No matter how well adjusted and emotionally healthy we are there are times when we’re just tired and it’s easy to start second guessing every decision we make and doubting if we’re somehow “wrong” as a person. 

We scroll through social media and messages slowly chip away in our subconscious minds that say things like, “she parents that way..YOU should parent that way.” “He cares about that, you’re a bad person if you don’t care about that.” “She’s more...fill in the blank...godly, successful, skinny, carefree and maybe the biggest underlying one...acceptable.”  

Often there’s something that says inside us that what they are is right and what we are is wrong and we feel this strange struggle between figuring out how to be right and being mad that we have to be different than we are or maybe it’s just me?

On most good days I am fine, but sometimes an ugly anxiety comes to sit on my chest that feels suffocating and screams, “you’re not enough! Try harder” and sometimes I do try and then I get really tired. I’ll work through it with the Lord and then something I see sends me all kinds of “triggered” into a blaze of self condemning nonsense. 

Stepping away for a while removes this feeling altogether. By not posting and not looking at others posts I am not asking for any kind of feedback on my life, I’m just living it. I found that I feel more free to explore all aspects of who I am outside of the realm of insta feedback. I grow and my soul feels rested in a way that makes me feel brave to grow and step out and really reflect on what I’m doing and what I want to do!

2. You creates space for other things

It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex that is social media for hours. Let’s face it, we’re a nosy bunch. As I came back onto Instagram and Facebook I found myself overwhelmed after I easily spent an hour catching up on just the last week. When I wasn’t scrolling on my break I did things I never do, like organized my house, figured out how to start a podcast, and read! I felt ridiculously productive and something I’m going to have to really continue to discipline myself in.

I often have to stop and ask myself what am I doing when I’m mindlessly scrolling? For one it’s a boredom buster for sure but if you’re looking to tackle a new project in your life, taking a little hiatus might be just what you need to focus on it.

    3.  It enriches relationships 

Not only does it take away the temptation to check up on what everyone else is doing when you’re with people, it forces you to connect with people in a different way. Even with our closest friends we keep up with them by double tapping their pics but we miss a lot of what’s happening in their hearts and lives. Taking a break means more questions have to be asked and lives be explored. You are also more fully present with your family and enjoying them in this life you’re living.

     4. Realizing FOMO is a liar

You will miss things that go on, you won’t be in the know, people won’t know you did, saw or ate something beautiful but it’s OK. You’re still alive, you’re just not proving it to anyone. We can not let fears, any fears, control us or dictate to us who we are or what’s truly valuable to us. Taking a break is often a great way to get you out of a cycle or thinking pattern and you realize life is just as full and beautiful even when you’re disconnected and there’s nothing but time to see and do and share all the things when you’re back. The rest and reset of our minds, hearts and emotions is so worth it.

       5. Creativity Increases 

With so much more space in your life you start dreaming and creating. Your mind isn’t automatically filled in the down time with other people’s lives and instead I found I was coming up with ideas left and right and compelled to start creating. Whether it was in my house or writing or a product it seemed that when I wasn’t constantly looking at what others were creating I began to open up to ideas that were in me. There was no feedback to tell me they were bad or wrong because I wasn’t coming across anything I compared them to. It’s just you and you’re little brain dreaming your wildest dreams unfettered. So many possibilities.

Clearly I’ve just let you peek into my own insanity/insecurities/struggles but I share them in case you might struggle with the same and the hope that if you’ve considered taking some time off because you feel like you might need to, do it. Everything and every one will still be there when you get back and listen to me, this is not a race, you will not lose if you rest. You’re a beautiful being who needs rest for your soul. Follow God’s leading and know He always blesses obedience anyways♥️

Have you ever taken a social media break? Let me know in the comments why you decided to do it!

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