We Must Know God's Word




The Enemy is coming for us, for our families, for our hope, joy, peace, anything he can get his little-lying hands on.


If we don’t know the truth for ourselves, if we’re not constantly reminding ourselves who we are and whose we are, who God is and what He can do on our behalf, how He tells us to fight and stand and all He has equipped us with, we will fall for it every time.


Our lives will follow what we think about most and if we aren’t filling our minds with truth and arming ourselves daily with it, we will walk in captivity and defeat.


The Christian life is a battleground, we’re in a battle, we can be a warrior or a prisoner of war. Let’s grab our swords, know it well, so we know how to use it. #walkingreflections #warriorprincessofthespirit


Ashley Jackson1 Comment