Push in the unfamiliar miles

I’ve trained for a marathon a couple times and although you run 26.2 miles race day, you generally never train past 20.

To be ready for that day you show up over and over and over again.

You run short runs, you add miles up, you run through good and bad weather, you run when you feel like it and when you don’t.

Your muscles and endurance build and it’s not easy to cover 14, 17, 20 miles in those training runs but you do it and then realize no matter how hard it got, you’ve done it, a sense of confidence is built in what you never knew you were capable of.

Then that day comes when you’ve been faithful and done your training but a new further push is required of you. You’ve listened to advice and read about others but all of that doesn’t matter now. In this moment it’s you and that road before you.

This is like life, like faith, like walking with God. Your consistency with Him has gotten you this far, you’ve let Him train you and discipline you and listened and put your feet to the pavement of faith but then one day He requires the miles you’ve never gone before.

And when you’re there in that race it gets hard, it hurts, you want to stop and sit down, but you’ve come too far for that. So one foot in front of the other you push, you rest and walk, and then you push again because there’s a finish line to get to.

Those miles you’ve never been will be hard, they will require faith and trust in a reality that screams at you otherwise, but they aren’t as impossible as they feel. Press on.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Phil 3:14

Ashley JacksonComment