I will walk by faith not feelings


What does feeling like doing something have to do with faith? If we wait till we feel like it we may say "we walk by faith", but what we actually mean is "we walk by feelings".

I love feelings, I believe the Lord made me extra feely, I love to feel all the things, deeply! I am highly sensitive, perceptive and have the gift of discernment, but the Lord has challenged me about trying to live by my feelings.

If I feel overwhelmed than I conclude God has abandoned me, leaving me to deal with the stress alone. If I feel left behind and no doors are opening for me than God must love others more. If I feel sad and down, I begin to fear that I will never conquer or overcome and God hasn't healed me like I had thought. I may not admit these things out loud but I live out of these beliefs.

But the truth is God isn't as fickle as our feelings, nothing about Him has changed simply because my feelings or mood has. Just because I'm seeing my life through a filter of my circumstances doesn't mean God's word has ceased to be true or I have the option to quit believing because it feels hard.

If we claim Jesus as our Lord than we need to fire our feelings. We have to stop letting them pull and push us around like a rag doll and instead say, "no matter how I feel, I know my God is good and He is for me and He will be faithful!" That is faith my friends! #myfeelingsarenotthebossofme #walkingreflections

Ashley JacksonComment