Love for Jesus over approval of man

I have always struggled with wanting people to be happy with me, agree with me, approve of who I am and how I do things. That is why I really love the story of Mary and Martha.

What Martha was doing was good and right and needed. She was caring for and serving Jesus and the other men who had come for dinner. But what Mary was doing was radical. Probably rarely before had she been allowed to sit and listen at the teachers feet like that before.

If I were Mary watching Martha go to Jesus complaining about her and telling Jesus he should make her help, I would have felt great guilt. "She's right, but I just want to be here and listen so bad!" Surely Martha was surprised Jesus didn't correct Mary, because culturally she was not doing what she was supposed to be. But being with Jesus, is never doing nothing.

I listened to a talk by Ginny Smith yesterday where she pointed out that what Martha was saying was "fix my sister, she has issues" but what Martha didn't realize was that where Mary was, Mary was also saying "fix me, and all my issues".

Let our love to be with the Lord always outweigh our desire for people to applaud us. Sometimes just because it's what our culture says is required, Jesus says, "where you are is just fine" #walkingreflections

Ashley JacksonComment