Trusting God through Seasons of Waiting


We all have those times and seasons in our lives that we just don't seem to get. What are you doing Lord? How does this fit into anything? It just feels hard and frustrating and often we feel overlooked and forgotten. In reality, God has heard all our prayers and perhaps this time of stillness and isolation is not a lack of answers but perhaps the exact answer to what we have prayed for. 

I tend to want God to "magic wand me" with what I have prayed for; more character, more faith, more boldness, etc. What I mean by that is a wish that He was just a little bit more like my fairy god Father, rather than my Father God, granting my wishes rather than allowing it to be developed in me. Just like when a mother is pregnant with her child, she can want it to be over, but the reality is that the whole process must take place in order for a healthy birth. Every stage as important as the last, none can be skipped.

Often these seasons that feel like we are in the dark and alone are exactly part of that process. I happened to come across an article about shepherds today and it asked the question, what was it about shepherds that made such good leaders? The answer? They had a lot of time to think.

Ponder that one for a moment. In our world and society today it's rush and demands and to-do lists and running from one activity to another. In all this busyness, if God never allowed a time of isolation and quiet, would He be able to cultivate the same amount of intimacy between Himself and us?

Listening takes time, knowing someone takes time, allowing character growth takes time. God needs to call people to work He can trust, who He is sure have learned how to hear His voice and to wait on Him to move and not be pushed and pulled by the world or by our societies demands. It's in these dark places we learn to hear His whispers and really begin to believe He loves us, not for how much we perform for Him, just us, as His children. 

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What about you? Have you gone through a time you didn't understand?  A season of isolation, loneliness, of feeling forgotten? Are you in that place now? What did or what is God speaking to you in that place?

Ashley JacksonComment