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Tell us about you! Your name, where you're from, about your family, etc.?

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    I’m Rhianon (ree-ANN-in) and I’m a freelance writer and blogger. My husband and I are in our third year of leading a church plant in Brooklyn NY and we’ve been married for over 10 years. We’ve spent most of our lives in New England (Portsmouth, New Hampshire to be exact) but have always held a special love for New York City in our hearts. We weren’t always sure why, but now we do ;) We also have four young sons - Hudson, Wyatt, Amos and Brooks (7, 5, 4 and 2 respectively). 

I’m an extroverted introvert (INFP), enthusiastic visionary (according to the enneagram), self-care advocate and a big believer in the active pursuit of dreams and seeing them come to fruition. 


 How has God uniquely made you/gifted you?

    When we first moved to Brooklyn, we knew no one. We had no friends, no family and no way to get into the community unless we actually GOT INTO the community. I never considered myself to be an evangelist or to be particularly gifted in terms of hospitality, but this is something that I feel that God has gifted me in specifically for this season. Introducing myself at the park, at a coffee shop or restaurant, making friends and having people over for dinner.

    I also really love people (surprising, considering I’m an introvert). I love spending time with people one on one and hearing about their stories, struggles, and victories. I enjoy finding out what makes people excited and love encouraging them to breathe life into their heart desires and bring them into actual existence.

Tell us about your ministry, page, business, etc

    Christ Central, Brooklyn is a dream that we are slowly but surely building in reality. We’re doing our best to love on everyone that we come into contact with and show them the grace and love of Jesus through our actions. The hope is to start a church that is grounded in biblical truth and functions in the gifts of the spirit; highly relational and reproducing (eventually).

    Brooklyn BoyMom is a place where I am encouraging moms to pursue their [God-given] passions because I believe that there is a purpose behind every single passion that lies within us - why else would they be there? I don’t believe that the things that bring us joy are just there to fluff up our life, they’re there to pursue and ultimately point us to (and give glory to) God.

What inspired you to start? What keeps you going?

Brooklyn BoyMom was birthed out of a dark season in my life and motherhood. We moved to Brooklyn with our three boys (ages 5 and under), I gave birth to our fourth son, my oldest started kindergarten and my husband sold his business all in the course of about a year. It was a crazy season of transition and I was literally treading water for the better part of 18 months. There was always a tantrum to deal with, a baby to feed, homework to help with or a snack to be served. I think back on that time in our lives and wonder how we survived. Surely only by the sustenance and grace of God. 

Essentially I was pouring out constantly and not taking care of myself at all. I lost a bunch of weight, was drinking too much and barely had a minute to escape the crazy. It got to the point where my body said “I quit” and I couldn’t deal with the stress anymore. My husband stepped in and took on many of the household responsibilities and things that I had been doing because I had to cut back significantly. And it was then that I realized that I needed to start doing things for myself again. But where to start? Before I had kids I used to love shopping, hanging out with friends and going to movies but those things no longer topped my list. What topped my list now? What did I love doing? It had been so long since I had prioritized myself that I had no idea. So I just started doing stuff. Painting, exercising, getting manicures, going on walks, but the thing that I loved the most was WRITING, and that’s how Brooklyn BoyMom was born.

    The more I talk and write about my own passions, the more I’m helping people to uncover and realize their own and that is what keeps me going. That and the belief that God has called me to do this exact thing at this exact time in my life. If he hadn’t, I don’t believe it would be unfolding as it is. It’s just been open door after open door, so I’m just going to keep walking through these doors until they stop opening!

What are your greatest struggles in what you do? 

    Being an introverted church planter is definitely one of my biggest struggles. I love people very much but need to pace myself and allow myself time to be alone, in a quiet environment. I often think that I can be around people a lot, but find that when I do I end up exhausted and unable to care for my own family by the end of the day. I’m learning that I sometimes I have to say no to things that I love for my own benefit so that I can, therefore, be a better mom, wife, and friend. 

I also need to constantly remind myself that the number of views that I have on my website or the number of followers that I have on Instagram isn’t what define me. I’m writing because I love it and because I’m trying to help people realize that they have something incredibly special within them. Each and every one of us has a dream, a passion, a desire within us and I want to help people to cultivate that. If I can somehow help people to do just that, then I’m accomplishing what I feel like God has called me to do. 

What is one thing you have learned from what you do? 

    Doing the hard thing, having the hard conversation, taking the road less traveled is usually what ends up being more fulfilling. Like in marriage; It’s not always easy to invest in your marriage. Babysitters are expensive, parents are exhausted, schedules are already full. Yet making the choice to go on that date night, carve out a kid-free weekend away or even just having a night in and choosing conversation over Netflix will exponentially benefit the relationship in the long run. It’s the same with investing in our relationship with God, our friends, and our kids. It might take more time to do it well, but in the end, it will be good and right because of the time invested. 

What is your greatest passion for the Kingdom of God? 

    For women (myself included) to see that the passions and dreams that are within us are there for a greater purpose than we realize. We didn’t put these things on ourselves, God did. They were His idea first. So If we pursue these things that have a heart for, the things that we love and enjoy - dance, missions work, art, worship, hiking, teaching, baking, justice issues, traveling, humanitarian work - we will be fulfilling our God-given purpose. 

What could you talk for hours about? 

Passion. Can you tell? ;) And Personality tests. And self-care. 

What has God been teaching you lately?  

Last year was a big one for me in many ways, but the main lesson from which all other lessons stemmed was, “Let your actions reflect your heart”. I wanted to be a good wife, mom, lover of Jesus and writer, but there were a few things standing in the way. The main one was alcohol. I don’t think alcohol is bad - I think that everyone’s convictions are different - but I think that it’s not good for me in this particular season of life where stress is at an all-time high. By cutting out drinking I’m able to focus more on the things that are important to me. 

For me alcohol was a band-aid - it took away the stress of the 5 o’clock witching hour, my social awkwardness when I was out with friends and just made me a little more laid back in general...in the short term. But in the long term, for ME it actually made things worse (again, this isn’t necessarily true for everyone). It made me tired so I wouldn’t get any writing done after the kids were asleep, but it also made my sleep restless, so l would be grouchy with the kids in the morning. I felt like God was beckoning me to put down my chardonnay and instead focus on Him because He is better. After months arguing with God about it, I finally decided to listen and stop drinking. Forever? Probably not, but at least for a season. It’s not like everything is easy now (far from it actually), but I know that I’m now depending on God now more than ever before. That was just one way that I’ve let my actions reflect my heart recently. 

What do you think is the greatest struggle facing Christian women today?

    I think that there is an illusion of ”The Perfect Christian” and we are all failing to try to live up to this impossible standard. What does this look like? I think its different for everyone, but for me “The Perfect Christian Mom” gets up an hour before the kids, reads her bible and journals while listening to worship music. She prays in every circumstance. She trusts in God’s good and perfect will even when her life seems to be falling apart around her. She talks about how good He is to everyone she meets. She doesn’t swear. She’s a thoughtful, patient, calm, hospitable. I know many women who seem to fit this mold, and if I just described your life, YOU are an amazing woman of God (and I’m slightly jealous. haha!)


    Newsflash: That is FAR from reality here for me in Brooklyn. Yes, I love the Lord and yes, I trust him and believe that He has good things from me. I am so thankful for Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, but I’ll gladly admit that I’m more than a little rough around the edges. I’m not one of the women who can’t put her Bible down (I prefer listening to sermons and podcasts). I can be super impatient with the kids (even more so now that I’m not drinking). I swear on the regular (I blame New York). Prayer can sometimes be a last resort (although I wish it were my first response). Sometimes I get up before the kids but instead of opening up my bible, I take a shower (because, self-care). Often I have the best intentions of spending time with God during naptime, but find myself taking a nap or working on a project. I’m certainly not perfect, but I’m a big believer in GRACE. I know that God is slowly but surely transforming me more and more into His likeness, and I also know that he sees me as holy, righteous, forgiven and perfect because of the amazing act of reckless love that Jesus completed on the cross. If I accidentally oversleep and miss out on spending time with God, I don’t need to beat myself up about it because I know that God’s grace is sufficient for me in all circumstances. 

There are many times when I wonder, “why the heck would God use someone as flawed as me to plant a church or to have a blog or to have a sphere of influence?”, and I find the answer to that question in 2 Corinthians 2:9 where it says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” So here I am, trying to be like Paul; boasting in my weakness so that the power of God can be made known through my insufficiencies. 

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And the blog is www.brooklynboymom.com

Linette Colwell of LindleyGrey Designs

 Serving Him Spotlight



1. My name is Linette Colwell and I am originally from Vale, North Carolina but I am currently living in Scottsburg Indiana. I am an only child who has always been athletic, singing, busy, creative, loving and carefree.  


I am one of the worship leaders in my church and I have a blog at www.lindleygreydesigns.com with a FaceBook and Instagram pages called @lindleygrey. I am married to James, who is a Hoosier, and we have two children, Jamison just turned 10 the week before Christmas and Rowan is 8, soon to be 9 at the beginning of March. They are 14 months apart. (whewwww, pray for me, girl! lol) 


I met my husband in college and we have been in a relationship since 1998 (I know! Long time, lol) He was a basketball player and I was a volleyball player at the Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina. He’s my heart, even though he gets on my nerves most days. lol. We have lived in Indiana, collectively for 10 years with a span of 4 years that we moved back to North Carolina to be back with my family.  


Currently, I am a stay at home Mommy who blogs and goes to church, worship rehearsal and has 2 services every Sunday as well as a wife who loves her husband and a good game of nerf wars, skating, riding a bike and singing while my husband plays piano in our den. We are a crazy bunch but we really love God and we do our best to love each other and all who we come in contact with on a daily basis.  


Before we had children and marriage, I worked as a Social Worker with CPS and then I worked in our local Community Mental Health Agency with children. Once married, I stayed at home with our children for 4 years while we were in North Carolina and when we moved back to Indiana. I went back to work.  

In my last “office position” here, I was the Marketing Director for a long-term care facility and I have been a Social Worker for another facility here in Scottsburg as well. I am active in my community and I love people. I have a BA in Sociology 


2. I believe that God has gifted me through my voice. I have been given the ability to sing, and the gift of speaking and encouraging others. I am able to help others press into worship and I have been given the creativity to help others enjoy every moment, especially special moments of life. 

3. My business, (which was not something I personally categorized as a ministry, but I realize it is now!) started out as a monthly subscription box called A Good Work box, which was inspired by my heart for encouragement and Phil 1:6. That has since been placed on a back burner and after being asked to speak at my church’s annual Women’s Conference this past year, my gift of speaking was unlocked. I recently completed a Christmas EP and I am continuing my passion to speak, worship and encourage women to keep pushing through life; continue life because God isn’t finished with us. As in Phil 1:6, no matter what we may go through, or encounter, God is not finished with us. He will perfect what He has started in our lives. He is a promise keeper.  

4. What inspired me was a need that I had in my own life. My family went through a season of absolute turmoil. During that time, God was able to show me grace and mercy and my family was restored. The encouragement that I received during that time was a blessing. I am able to see the revelation of God in my life and the life of my family every day. The grace and mercy that He gives us are incredible. What keeps me going is the fact that there are women and families all over who need the same encouragement and inspiration that I received. We all struggle with keeping up with everyone else that we forget that we are human; just regular humans who aren’t perfect. If I can inspire women through my life that God is able, that is what I want to do. In doing that, God gets glory and that is why I was created. 

5. My greatest struggles are discouragement, inability to navigate social media in order to get the attention I feel is necessary to make contact with as many people as possible. In all honesty, these are carnal things but I’m just being honest. I am like everyone else who wants to reach the masses and due to my lack of finances at times ( I stay at home) or the connections or being given the platform to reach women, and lack of resources and knowledge in other areas (graphic design for marketing is my biggest crutch. I have the idea, but not enough skill to execute what I see in my mind all the time).  

6. One thing I have learned from what I do is that God is faithful, even when I am not. He speaks to me, He loves me, He blesses me even when I don’t deserve it and if I reach 20,000 people or one woman, I am learning that through it all, people need to see God and if I can help with that, I am here for it. Even though that is a hard pill to swallow to take baby steps, it is my heart to please Him anyway I can.  

7. My greatest passion for the Kingdom of God is worship. Being able to sing and give Him glory and honor and praise is amazing. Being able to lead people into His presence is my passion. Being able to help people see God in the midst of everything is my heart. Being able to allow people to experience a touch from Him...being given the gift of my voice is amazing. Being able to use it to get His attention is a privilege I don’t take for granted. 

8. I could talk about my Momma and Daddy; my family and all the hilarious moments we have. I could talk about creating memories through events and beautiful photography for hours. I could talk about gorgeous fabric and interior design and just beautiful things and music for hours. Those are things I love. 

9. God has been telling me to trust Him lately. He has been speaking to me about letting His will be done. He has been reminding me that I am loved and that I am chosen. I just have to hang in there because there is something just around the corner. He is telling me that He’s going to do what He said He would do. I just have to hold on just a little while longer. 

10. I feel like the greatest struggle facing Christian women today is being able to be flawed. We as Christian women are feeling the pressure from the world and fellow Christians alike to be “perfect”. That pressure and sometimes judgment breeds the idea and struggle to keep issues and struggles that we face to ourselves and perpetuates the cycle of always “having it together”. We have to be able to be, understand and accept that we are not perfect. We have issues and we need each other and grace when we do go through things. We need each other and the world to understand that we are humans. lol We are not perfect even as we strive to live as Christ lived. We have daily difficulties, issues, and struggles, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t saved, we don’t love God and that we aren’t going to receive the blessings of God. Our kids may not always be perfectly behaved or always photo shoot ready. The house may not always be spotless and we may not always like our husbands but we are still the daughters of THE most high God and He died for us and I am forever grateful for his grace and never ending mercy.



    Linette Colwell, LindleyGrey Designs

~Creating a legacy of beauty from ashes~


Kay Harms


1. My name is Kay Harms, and I’m a Bible teacher and writer, women’s speaker, pastor’s wife and mom. I’m originally from Georgia, but my pastor-husband has moved us further and further west over the years, and we’ve lived in the high desert of Arizona for the past 12 ½ years. Surprisingly, this Georgia peach loves this dry heat. It’s great for my hair! James and I have two grown kids who we miss dearly. Abigail is an actor and Christian speaker living in Georgia. Daniel is a software engineer in Ohio.


2. God has given me an uncanny love for His church, which is a good thing because we’ve been hurt by churches a few times in the ministry. But with each difficult situation, God has exercised my capacity for grace and grown my faith in Him. I love ministering to women in the church and through the church. God has called me to “watch out for women.” He’s given me a heightened radar for women who are struggling to find their place, seeking to know Him better and searching for satisfaction in some of the wrong places. I love connecting those women with others who can mentor them or come alongside them in friendship. And I love teaching them how to study the Bible, develop a daily time with God and deepen their prayer life.


3. I teach the Bible weekly at my own church, but I also love speaking at women’s Bible conferences for other churches and ministries around the world. I’ve written three Bible studies and a couple of other books, so I love getting those resources into women’s hands, too. You can get to know me more and check out my ministry at my website: www.kayharms.com .


4. After earning a degree from the University of Georgia in public relations and journalism in 1988, I felt the Lord shifting the desires of my heart. I no longer wanted to pursue a high pressured career in the area of public relations, but I wanted to serve women in the local church. That was long before women’s ministry was even a “thing!” Through the years my ministry to women has taken different forms during different seasons, but I’ve always been passionate about teaching the Bible. When I go through seasons that feel less fruitful or less structured, I sometimes question my calling. But Romans 11:29 reminds me that, “the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” While God may change some components of my ministry, He doesn’t take it away. During those seasons I’ve learned to wait patiently on Him, look to Him with expectation and use any free time I may have on my hands to pursue Him personally.


Kay Speaking (1).jpg

5. While I’ve always been pretty comfortable ministering in the church, there came a time when God seemed to be leading me to branch out and serve women in other churches and places. I learned that I would have to promote my ministry if that was going to happen. Because I have a PR degree, I understand the value and mechanics of good promotion, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy promoting myself at all. I really struggled with this necessary component of ministry for a number of years. But I eventually realized that if I didn’t tell people about myself and what I have to offer, they will never invite me to speak! To be faithful to the calling God has put on my life, I must promote my messages, my books, my speaking, etc. But I’m constantly praying about and working to strike a godly balance in the promotion of my ministry. It’s an ongoing struggle, really.


6. I thought I was the only one. I thought I alone struggled with self-esteem issues, mother/daughter relationship issues, boundaries in my relationships, parenting, marriage struggles, FOMO, etc. But over the years I’ve learned that most of us gals have more in common than we think. We struggle with many of the same issues, even if that struggle manifests itself differently in each life. More importantly, I’ve learned that the truths and biblical principles that have helped me find healing, direction, freedom, and growth in those areas are the same truths and biblical principles that could change other women’s lives. And that’s why I’m passionate about sharing with others what God has taught me.


7. I long to help women find the answers to their modern-day dilemmas in the pages of God’s ancient Word. More specifically, I want to help women understand that everything they need for life is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Too many women are stuck and in bondage to things like bitterness, anxiety, discontentment, and addictions. Many have believed the socially prevalent lie that we must continue to live in our brokenness, clinging to the hope that one day we’ll be whole again. But I want women to know that by drawing close to the Lord and consistently applying the truths of His Word to their lives, they can experience freedom, joy, and healing now. 


8. I could talk for hours about the hope we have in Christ Jesus. He makes whole, healthy and joyful living available to us now. But we have to doggedly and consistently apply the Truth to our lives. Y’all! Real change is hard, but it is totally possible!


9. Lately, God has been teaching me to really lean into Him and listen...when I’m tempted to jump on one big idea after another! I’ve been wrestling with Isaiah 30:15-16, which says, “For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said, ‘In returning and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.’ But you were not willing, and you said, ‘No, for we will flee on horses,’ therefore you shall flee! ‘And we will ride on swift horses,’ therefore those who pursue you shall be swift.” I’m trying to stay off the swift horses and rest quietly in the Lord instead, listening for Him to direct me.


10. I think the greatest struggle many Christian women face today is trying to walk the narrow path that Jesus said we must walk...while the world is calling us to the wide, glittery and easy path that ultimately leads to destruction. It’s gotten harder in recent years because even the church is split in opinions over issues such as treatment of refugees, the definition of marriage, and others. We can no longer just link arms with everyone that sits in our pew. We need, more than ever, to know what the Bible really says so that we can choose to live wisely in this present age. 


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Amazon Author page:http://amzn.to/2zJluab

Jena Holliday of A Spoonful of Faith


1. My name is Jena Holliday, I am a 30-year-old wife and mother of two (Layla-4 and AJ-2). We live in Minnesota with our family. I own my own business, Spoonful of a Faith, where I work as an artist and illustrator and my husband works as a printing press operator for a large corporation. We love family time, my husband loves to fish, and I love to craft and create. My greatest love is for Jesus and helping encourage women to be all that He has called us to be. 

2. God has given me many unique qualities and gifts. I openly share my art with people now but it's been something that has been in me from a young age. My siblings and I were always creative in one way or another - through music, food, writing and crafting. I also believe I have a gift of faith - to believe and hope against all odds. It's always been who I am. God had shown me that He will grow what is in me if I will use it. 

3. I started Spoonful of Faith as a place to share my life, faith, and creativity. It is evolved into a platform that not only does that but also shares resources, classes, and encouragement to women who want to follow the dreams and visions God has planted within them. I run an online group for women called Mother Creative. It's a community of love and encourages them for women looking to go after the dreams and gifts God has given them. I love to help women find time to go after them God's way and my experience in sales, marketing and design give me an opportunity to help bring much of it to life. I get excited to share life stories, share our faith and spur them on in their walk! I also run a community called @despitethediagnosis which is a tool of encouraging words for people walking through a journey of illness and healing in their bodies. My hope is to declare our healing and walk boldly in the midst of it - in the in-between of the process. 


4. My own journey to going after what God planted in me truly is what inspired me to do this. When I gave my life to Him, He started filling me with dreams and visions and showing me I would be used in His kingdom. It brought great excitement and I started to see through my own journey that I had to fight against a lot of fear and doubt. I knew if I struggled with it - I may be able to help others get through it. I also struggled to find my voice as an artist. Because I didn't go to school for art I was fought with doubt that I was qualified enough to do it. But God has constantly shown up and showed me He called me and that is ALL the qualification I need.


5. I think sharing my journey while helping others can sometimes be tough because I am encouraging others in things that I may struggle in myself. But I feel like that is where our strongest testimonies are, and why God uses us in those areas - because we can truly speak from a place of experience. I also feel like sharing my work without comparing myself can be tough. I've come to the point where I have to turn it all off, turn off social media, stop worrying about the likes and popularity and focus on doing it for Jesus. I am so happy He has broken off many strongholds in that area. When we are free from the validation of man we can live boldly for Jesus!


6. I have learned how to create from a place of worship and I have learned to trust God in every season with His vision for your life. You should worship in every area if your life and creativity is just one avenue in which I do it. I create an atmosphere to use my gifts and just do it because He's given me the ability to do it. Give Him the glory with it. Don't focus on the outcome but more in just surrendering it to Him. Also, I have learned that when following God's plan, we have to be faithful in whatever season we are in; being confident that He will make it good and complete the work. Every season may not look the same but God has an assignment in each and every one.



7. My greatest passion is truly helping people overcome fear and speaking on faith. My dad was a man of faith and I often recall many things He believed for and just the way He spoke and it has helped transform my life. I also have walked through illness, being diagnosed with lupus at age 19 and I love to encourage people in their journey of healing. It may not come in a moment, but God loves to show us His character through the process and I love sharing the truths I learned through that experience. He told me to not focus on my diagnosis or when He would heal, but to instead just live! Just live my best life with what I had and He would do the heavy lifting. I have seen not only my health changed, but also my attitude and ability to help others in the midst of it! 


8. Passion, God dreams and identity and entrepreneurship. Jesus in all of it and how He had taught me a lot through walking in each other's areas. 


9. About seasons and knowing what season you are in - planting/sowing or reaping/harvest. I went many years without even thinking of this until recently as He began to show me He is a God of princess and cycles. He does everything in its proper time. Sometimes we are so fixed on blooming all the time but there are cycles to this. You don't want to pull up the flowers or the fruit too early. Trusting Him in that has been challenging but so life changing. 


10. Identity and fear because of it. So many women do not know or if they do know they don't truly believe in the power of Jesus and what He has come to do. So many people don't understand their true identity or believe what God says about them. Because if this the devil lives to fight them with anxiety, fear, and doubt when it comes to following Gods will and plan for their lives. Identity is the foundation for so much that God has for us to do in His kingdom. If we don't believe we are who He says we are then it will be hard to help others and believe His word is real in our lives, it is vital to our lives and ministries.

Caitlin Taylor of She's Taylored


Tell us about you! Your name, where you're from, about your family, etc.

Hi there! I’m Caitlin Taylor and I’m the author behind the blog, She’s Taylored. I’m originally from north Texas and grew up in a city in between Fort Worth and Dallas. As a young kid, we traveled a bunch and lived in Egypt and Germany before settling down in the states. I have two wonderful parents and my older sister - who’s my number one gal. I had a pretty magical childhood - really involved in church, all the school activities, really supportive and loving family, etc. I eventually went to Texas A&M and got my degree in Business Management. Life sort of took off after that. Within a year of graduating college I got married to my amazing and superfine ginger husband, Ryan, moved to Dallas, and started my first real job. It was a crazy and rewarding year for sure! Since then, we’ve joined a church, traveled as much as we can, and adopted two puppies, Waffle + Pancake! Life is good, Y'all!

What has God been teaching you lately?

Oh man. God has been teaching me so much about faithfulness lately. This summer I really struggled with believing that God would show up in specific circumstances and that He would actually do the things He promised. It was so hard for me to fully trust Him which was such a new thing for me. For the majority of my life, I knew the promises of God, believed them, and put my faith and life in them, but this summer was just different. I was really challenged and began to deal with the guilt of my struggle. With the help of my community group and husband, I was constantly reminded of God’s timing and plan and ultimately His enduring faithfulness. He showed up every single time and even when I wasn’t faithful - He was.


Tell us about your ministry, page, business, etc?

She’s Taylored is my blog that’s been around for about 8 months. It’s a place where girls can come for some honesty, transparency, and someone to relate to in a world of gorgeous photos, perfect lives, and #goals. Every time someone is on my blog I want them to feel encouraged. I want them to know that there are people with the same struggles, dreams, and goals. Above everything else, I want them to know that they are known, chosen, and adored by a God with great plans and a great purpose for them. Amen, anyone?!

What inspired you to start? What keeps you going?

When I was in college, I developed really severe anxiety and started having panic attacks. It was a really intense time and took me awhile to figure out what was happening and how to cope. One of the most helpful things for me was writing. Anytime I would get anxious or fearful, I’d write out every thought in my head, pray over it, and set it free. I still have anxiety, but it’s nothing like how it used to be. The writing was incredibly cathartic and eventually turned into a hobby. I had been following fashion, lifestyle, and mommy blogs for years and finally felt like it was time to start a blog of my own - something dedicated to encouraging women through scripture and honesty, but also a place where you could be real and appreciate all the things - fashion, home, travel, and relationships. I’m really inspired by other bloggers and writers. I think our world and social media is sick with negativity, comparison, and focused on “me.” I love when I see women being transparent and real and it inspires me to do the same. Plus, when God puts a dream in your head, there’s no way around it!

What are your greatest struggles in what you do?

Everything I do on the blog or my writing is virtual - so it’s really tough for me to gauge what people want to read or see. Analytics + surveys are great, but if it wasn’t for constant prayer for direction and purpose, I think I would’ve given up by now. I know I’m supposed to be writing so I’m going to keep doing that until God requests a hard stop. Comparison in the online world is also really challenging - starting anything new is a crazy journey! It’s easy to get sucked into a hole of comparison, but having a healthy relationship with social media/anything online is critical!

What is one thing you have learned from what you do?

I wish I could tell every person I meet, “You are worthy. You are loved. You are capable of amazing things.” Writing this blog for the past 10 months has been so eye-opening and rewarding. I’ve learned that everyone has a story that deserves to be heard and used. Every single one of us is woven into the perfect story of God and each story - no matter how messy - can reflect God’s love and redemption. The victory has been won and we must simply obey. We must simply tell our story of grace and show others how worthy and loved they are.

What is your greatest passion for the Kingdom of God?

So many people - believers included - have no idea what their “purpose” is, forgetting that we all have the same purpose - to love God, love others, and put in some work for the Kingdom all for the purpose of bringing glory to God. We all just do that differently and perfectly unique to how God created us. I have such a passion for helping people figure out that part - what their gifts are, what their passions are, their natural abilities, what their hearts hurt for, and then applying all of that to kingdom work.

How has God uniquely made you/gifted you?

Ooh fun question, Ashley! I’m particularly passionate about spiritual gifts. 1 Corinthians 12, tells us that everyone is given spiritual gifts designed to help us uniquely serve God and build the Kingdom. I’m still learning how to use these gifts, but I know God has gifted me with a little extra mercy and love of shepherding. By shepherding I mean getting people where they need to be - through love, prayer, encouragement, tough love, physically driving them, whatever it takes! I have such a heart for helping people realize their gifts, talents, and purpose and will 100% do whatever I can to help people know and grow in the Lord. I also was “blessed” with a very type A personality so administration is just a part of life for me - if something needs to be organized, planned, detailed, cleaned, or set into motion - I’m ya girl!


What could you talk for hours about?

Besides my dogs and love for Chipotle? Kidding. On a lighter side - I’m way too into Harry Potter, goofy reality TV shows, and the royal family. For more in-depth convos, I can rant for hours about women’s role in society as Christians. Women are consistently told who they should be, how they should dress, when and where they should work, etc. Should women be feminists? What does being a feminist mean? As a woman, am I supposed to stay home with the kids and not work? Should I put any trust in our current president? These are some pretty hot topic questions and our role in society and women of God can unclear if we don’t stick to biblical truths. It’s really easy to get caught up in certain beliefs and opinions and I think we’re all pretty susceptible to that sometimes. Ultimately, I believe that the bible is perfectly clear about our role in all of this and would love to talk to anyone about anytime!

What do you think is the greatest struggle facing Christian women today?

I think the pressure of social media, the internet, and all things #goals is at an all-time high and it’s extremely easy to lose your identity in all of it. Instant envy is available with every perfect house, perfect body, and perfectly behaved child on Facebook and Instagram. The older I get the more respect I have for the women (and all women) that I grew up watching. It’s tough to be married, have dogs, have kids, have a job, serve in a church, stay involved in your community, plan all of the family events, and also raise decent human beings. Life is insane! Then we add the crazy pressure to look perfect and BE perfect doing all of that? No way, honey. We are told by society to have it all and to know it all and it’s just not possible. It’s so easy to lose your identity and your purpose in those things. Without consistent time and prayer with the Lord, we get lost so easily - now we have a million things to distract us. I’m so encouraged by the women who fight for honesty and transparency and who are determined to raise and support other strong women. It’s such a beautiful thing when we do this!

Thank you so much Caitlin! 

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Brittany Campbell of Royal Daughters

1. Tell us about you! your name, where you are from, about your family, etc.


My name is Brittney Campbell.  I am a 25-year-old woman who fears God and loves His people. I find the greatest pleasure encouraging Queens in the Word of the Lord. My life has been completely changed by the transforming power of the Holy Ghost, and it is my endeavor to empower women to embrace their royalty in the Word of God through the ministry God gave me entitled Royal Daughters. I am a small-town girl who resides in Brewton, Alabama where I enjoy the simple things in life with my family whom I love dearly.


2. How has God uniquely made you/gifted you?

I am uniquely fashioned as a mercy. I tend to attract people who are feeling rejected, excluded or wounded. I speak the language of the heart. I operate intuitively most of the time. I hear from God but have difficulty explaining the “why.” I am totally indecisive. Lover of the arts. My spirit knows I am made to worship.


3. Tell us about your ministry, page, business, etc.?

My love for lettering started on the pages of my journal. In my Bible study times, I would find scriptures that would resonate in my spirit and just create a doodle. It was my way of artistically processing life.  It was not until the summer of 2016, that I decided to start my own business creating custom-made, God-inspired hand painted home decor and gifts with inspirational quotes and scriptures on them. I love spending time in His presence and allowing Him to take the full lead on all designs. Our high-quality canvases are carefully handcrafted to empower Queens to remember God’s precious promises in the busyness of life reminding her that she is royalty and loved by the Father with art that speaks directly to her heart.


4. What inspired you to start? What keeps you going?

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (KJV) says, “And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”

God truly motivated and inspired me to start my own business through His precious Word. I had a burning desire that more of His Word be cherished in my home and in the homes of those around me. I was spending time journaling a scripture that had really penetrated my heart when I felt like God was telling me “why not make these for other women to put in their homes”. The light bulb immediately went off! And I thought, “Yes! I can do that!”


I love combining the Word and art together. Bold bright colors and florals are truly my inspiration for a lot of my pieces. What I enjoy most is when God speaks to me while creating. He reveals the most precious revelations to me during the creating process. I love inviting Him in by spending time in His presence and allowing Him to take the lead on all designs. It is amazing how I have always had a love for art throughout my life. It is totally the different language that I speak, the language of the heart that is sometimes too deep for logic or for words. Art allows me to visually express what I do not have words for. I truly desire that God is glorified in every piece, and His people hearts deeply encouraged by His Word.


5. What are your greatest struggles in what you do?

Staying focus has been one of my greatest struggles in what I do. It is so easy to get distracted by everything but if I keep my eyes on Him I will be just fine.


6. What is one thing you have learned from what you do?

Faith is not faith if you can see it. My faith in God has increased tremendously through all the trials and tribulations I have encountered since accepting my calling. I am learning obedience through it all.


7. What is your greatest passion for the Kingdom of God?

My greatest passion for the Kingdom of God is that we would come together in unity, know our identity in God, know our position, and lastly stand on the Word of God with holy boldness at all costs.



8. What could you talk for hours about?

Jesus, Word, and Worship most definitely! He is all I want to talk about always! I light up when I meet other believers who are passionate about the Word of God as well. God has some amazing spirit-filled children in this world!



9. What has God been teaching you lately?

It feels like I am always in character development classes with the Father. He keeps reminding me to remain humble through the process. The higher I go in Him the humbler I should be.



10. What do you think is the greatest struggle facing Christian women today?

I think comparison is one of the greatest struggles Christian women today face. It is so crippling that it hinders sisters for years to accept their royal position in the Kingdom.


I just wanted to close in prayer, “Lord, I lift up Your daughters before You. God open their eyes, so they may see all that You have for them outside of their comfort zone. Help them to make that first step in You. Remove every veil covering their purpose, and help them to see themselves the way You see them with no flaws at all. Fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of their Maker. Help them to see their value as Your prized possession, and You paid a hefty price for them. Arise O daughter for your hour has come! Lord, glorify your daughters, that your daughters may glorify You. In the name of Jesus! Amen.”

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