About Me

Hi, I'm Ashley and I run and write this blog as a way to share my experiences and journey as I walk through this life with the Lord. 

I started this blog "Eisy Morgan"

 {named after my husband and my own middle names combined}
 when I moved to Colorado from California in 2010.

I was a stay-at-home-mom with no car, in a new state, and battling postpartum depression and I needed an outlet, this is where that happened.

If you dig hard enough here you will find some bad content of me just figuring out what "blogging" was and what it was going to be to me.

I learned design and how to meet people and connected with bloggers mostly through crafting.

Most of my traffic for this blog still comes in from my many hair tutorials, which may be the reason you are reading this right now.

A Few Things you Need to Know about inside me...

I am super passionate 

mostly about....
What He is Teaching/Taught me
Sharing those things
Helping others in these areas
Being Creative
Fighting Negative Self Talk

 I am driven to know what God wants for my life but I always feel like I can't quite ever grasp it

I blogged and vlogged about my marathon and running experience and after I dislocated my knee last January, I trained and ran my second marathon in Aug 2014.

A Few Things to Know about 


I am a wife to Daniel of 7 years.

{read our story here}
He is my rock and my safe place.

We recently went through a really tough time,

 you can read about that HERE.

We were married in November of 2008

{dancing down the isle to "now that we've found love" ha ha}

and had our first son, Ashton,


January of 2010.

4 years later, in August 2013, I had my second son


I love my boys and the privilege of being their mom, I don't take lightly.

I love the diversity of my little family and just how we do life together.

Laughing, a lot!

Starting in 2016 I am jumping back into the vlogging world, but this time not for hair but sharing what is on my heart. I have no idea what that will look like or how it will play out but I am tired of not doing anything because I am afraid to try or that I will fail, or that I might succeed even. 

Here's to what 2016 has in store...

Email me 

 at ashleymorganjackson@gmail.com



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