Hair Chalking Tutorial

9:14 AM

So I have been seeing this around and wanted to try it out! 
I left mine really subtle but I am sure the more time you spend coloring it the darker it will get.

*Just a word of caution*
Mine didn't wash out completley the first wash, so just be careful if you have somewhere you need to be without color in your hair!

{sorry I am so quiet, my son was sleeping;}

 Here is 
if you would like to see how she did it on dark hair!

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  1. this is awesome!! I really have been wanting to try this and you gave me the little bit of inspiration i need to do this!! also, i must say your pinterest boards are definitely helping me stay motivated to run my first 10k! Happy Wednesday!!

  2. How FUN! I have been curious about the whole hair chalking since I first saw it on Pinterest...thank you for taking this on and test it out for us! :) Looks so pretty and wearable on you!


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