My thoughts on Pregnant Jessica Simpson (a little rant)

8:24 AM

If you have watched any morning news recently, you surely have heard of all the talk going on with Jessica Simpson's weight and her pregnancy.


If you have followed my blog for any time you may remember my great fear in getting pregnant again, and this media bullying is yet another reason my fear rises. My injustice wants to fight for her, and for all pregnant women who gain{perhaps more than may be wanted} weight during their pregnancies.

Here Jessica Simpson is, and obviously big, being at the end of her pregnancy. Yes, she is big, ok....but she is still a woman, she has feelings....are you kidding me? The media calling her fat, not even "over weight", or maybe gained more than she should have, no...just FAT! I think that should be classified as a derogatory word.

Our society is so messed up. We have all these programs on about how horrible bullying is and how we don't know how hard it is for these kids who are getting put down by all their peers. Ummm, where do you think they are getting it from media people?? YOU GUYS! How can you expect our young people to treat others who are struggling or different from ourselves with more love and respect when you are willing to rip on someone in front of millions, really? And do you REALLY think that she doesn't know that she is big? Do you think she is like..."Oh I have a great idea, I am going to be SUPER unhealthy and endanger my baby?" Because I certainly don't. 

And maybe it's all a ploy to earn money for her. I heard she has signed to Jenny Craig or something and hey...the more she has to lose the more DRAMATIC the before and afters, but for me, it is the principle of the thing.
People think that just because you are pregnant that you are no longer a woman, one that might struggle with weight, one that still has self esteem (or lack there of) someone who hurts when you criticize her body. She doesn't cease to be all these things just because she is growing a child inside of her. Everyone is a genius pregnancy and child rearing expert when they find out your pregnant. Most of it is all good intentioned, but we all need to remember the delicate state of women who are going through something that might be very hard for them. 

When you are pregnant for the first time, you have no clue what is going on. You feel so different, you are so tired, you are not yourself. And God bless all those who have simple, easy, uneventful, and minimal weight gain pregnancies...that is amazing for them... but that is not everyone's experience. I felt helpless, I felt ugly, I felt out of control, and once I realized I may be making more unhealthy choices than healthy, it was too late. I couldn't lose weight while I was still pregnant, I could only do what I could from there on out. People think they can say anything they want to you about your body when your pregnant, because its temporary, but that person is still connected to that body. For me, those statements stuck to my soul well after my son was born. Obviously the fact that I am writing this post two and half years later is testimony to that.

And then I come across this article today "Pregnant Dieters Make Obese Babies" and Mommy-rexia. Seriously? So if we eat too much we are fat child-endagerers, but if we try to keep it under control to the other extreme were thin child-endangerers? It's like "they" are saying 
"Just try to do it perfect, cause if you don't we will be watching you...
and judging your ability to be a good mother."

Being a woman in this society and listening to all these messages and trying to strike a healthy balance seems so hard. Be yourself, be healthy, be balanced....but look skinny, beautiful and young while you do it. 


So all I, {or we} can do, as young mom's is quiet the voices. Be the best pregnant mommies we can be, take care of our bodies the best we can, learn from our mistakes and do better next time. Trust that our health, beauty, and families are deeper and more valuable then the shallow messages that are shouted at us at all times. Remember that we don't have personal chefs, trainers and 3 nannies at our fingertips. That we can love and accept ourselves, even when we are not perfect at everything. 
No one is, they fail to remember that.

{I do have to give props to the news anchor who reported the story that said she gained 60 lbs with her pregnancy and she lost it, and her son was all worth it. Thank you for remembering the point of the weight in the first place, a precious baby!}

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  1. Oh this makes my blood boil! Poor lady. I wish that word was considered slander, it is so offensive. The only thing that matters is her and baby's well-being. God knows she will lose all of it after baby! And even if she didn't, a healthy baby is so worth ANY measure. I could go on forever. Thanks for speaking out on this.

    xoxo fran

  2. What a great post! Thanks for saying it, you are right on.....they judge when they are to big, and they judge when they are to small. Blah! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this :) xoxo

  3. You are spot on! I have been a {silent} follower for over a year now. You have been a great inspiration to me over the past few months while I am struggling with my weight and my self esteem. I gave birth to my first child in October and I am struggling to loose that weight plus 40 plus more pounds. In this hateful society it's hard to feel good about yourself no matter how you look. It's a daily struggle for me. I saw the same news report yesterday and read those same articles. I was appalled by the things they said about Jessica. It's disgusting. Really it is. There is no other way to describe it!

  4. Oh Ashley, you soooo spoke to my heart on this. On all parts. First, when it's your first pregnancy (and L&D) there is no way to know how your body is going to respond to this little one, how it will grow and change, or how you will gain. Oh the trauma to get on the scale after one week and see that you have gained 8lbs in one week not doing anything that different! Where is the grace from others? One thing I did learn from my first pregnancy is that my body is fearfully and WONDERFULLY made, and that God created our bodies to do incredible things, no matter the weight gain. I also appreciated what you said about the media leading by example when it comes to bullying. That is exactly what is happening. But of course, like you said, when you are pregnant, people think they can say anything. Sigh. Thank you for sharing your heart. I will say, I learned a lot about how to be (or how not to be!) healthy during my pregnancy the first time around and numbers 2 and 3 have been much better in terms of control over my brain, heart, and body.

  5. What a great post. I too have been bothered by the criticism towards Jessica, I think she is beautiful and clearly her body is growing a precious baby and that is what's important! As a woman who is 9 months along with my 4th baby and have been on bedrest with a difficult pregnancy, I feel nothing like myself... I would hate to be judged at this point in my life because I can't really control what is happening to me! A new life is a beautiful thing, they should focus on that!

  6. Great Post. I'm totally there with you on all of it!

  7. During my first pregnancy I gained 55 lbs and I still trying to lose some it - ten years later!
    (I know that sounds sad-lol).
    I've never been for working out the same while you're pregnant or dieting. At that point is just a matter of eating healthy and indulging in ice cream if you crave it. So what!
    Pregnancy is already stressful enough on a woman's body, and trying to not gain weight during it is ridiculous.
    People are cruel sometimes. :(

  8. I didn't even know Jessica Simpson was pregnant until I saw her on the cover of a magazine yesterday. I don't know why her, but she has been seriously targeted for her weight in the past when she was not pregnant. Like, sorry guys, not all women (even those in the spot light) are naturally a size 2! It takes a lot of work for many women to be small and if they aren't it doesn't make them stupid, lazy, or ugly. The fact that people attack pregnant women for gaining excess weight is inexcusable to me. As if we feel good about it. And those articles about eating too much food and causing obesity... well ok, I understand that under or over eating is not good at any time, especially pregnancy. But let's not make women think they need to have a dietician and a professional chef move in just so they can carry a child. Just because there is evidence that if a mom eats badly during pregnancy, it can be bad for a baby, but what about after they are born? If you eat whatever you want and gain 60 pounds while pregnant and then let your kid live his life on the couch eating whatever he wants, then yes, he is going to be obese. But if you behave the same during your pregnancy, but teach your child (by example) to live an active, healthy life, then they will be fine. There is way too much pressure placed on mothers in our society, it's like no matter what we do we are screwing up our kids. That is a bunch of BS! We are screwing our kids up compared to what? Our grandparents' generation where the fathers were so emotionally uneducated that they worked their butts off all day, but never let their kids know they loved them? Our parents generation who think they worked the hardest and can criticize everyone else for their utter laziness? Each generation is different and the human race and our society plunders on. The majority of kids will turn out to be functioning adults who will have the freedom to make their own choices and not live a life ruled by their mother's choices.

    Oh dear, sorry for the massive rant. Your post is wonderful though, you are totally right. :)

  9. I am so right there with you. Yes, she has gained weight, but really? Who in the world does the media think they are. It's nobody's damn business how much she has gained. It is horrifying to me that we as a society feel the need to continually put down other women. She is growing a baby. And I'm almost positive that I have heard that she has already signed with one of the weight loss companies, but who cares? This is the most precious time in a woman's and we should all be able to enjoy it without constant scrutiny.

  10. Oh girl I'm so right there with you. I hate when people say "oh she's so big" or "you've gained so much weight" Jeez there is a baby in there. When I was pregnant with both my boys I gained loads of weight ... both boys came out as healthy ten pounders too. But the rude comments I recieved while I was pregnant haunt me to this day...I also remember being constantly compared to a co-worker who only gained 16 pounds during her pregnancy. GAH! I worry along with you what we are teaching our kids about their bodies. In my house we never say the word skinny or fat. We say words like healthy and strong. Pregancy is something to be celebrated not something to be ashamed of. Good grief...

  11. This is just what I needed to read today! I am 25 weeks with Baby #2 and feeling so insecure lately!! Having struggled with bulimia and anorexia throughout highschool and college, being pregnant and gaining even just 13 pounds so far with this one is such a HUGE mental battle for me. I read recently that some enormous statistic amount of pregnant women struggle with an eating's NO WONDER in our society where everyone is supposed to be Heidi Klum before, during, and after pregnancy!

    Anyway, thanks for keeping it real are a gem <3

  12. I have been having these same feelings towards this hearing everything everyone is saying...the media and Hollyweird have really gotten to me over the past couple years being in the middle of it all, partially why I'm going a new direction, but just wanted to say good for posting your thoughts...well said! :)

  13. The media is so stupid...she is pregnant leave her alone...It is better than being so obsessed with your weight and forget to eat at the end you will risk have an unhealhty baby!!! let her eat and enjoy it she looks so pretty like usual

  14. great post ashley! being pregnant again with number 2, this topic has been on my mind a lot lately! i'm almost 30 weeks and have gained about 22 pounds. i don't feel like i look big so i don't even care. i can't imagine being a celebrity and everything you do being watched under a microscope. i wish her the best of luck throughout everything and forget what they say!


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