My 31st Birthday Celebration!!

9:44 AM

Yesterday was my 31st birthday and I had a great and fun birthday week!

I have been getting flowers from the "Phantom" since I was a little girl and this year I got this awesome Edible Arrangement from him. (I think it's safe to say that "he" is my dad! When I was 13 I was convinced it was my secret admirer though, ha ha)

I went to the Olive Garden and some frozen yogurt with my friend Brittany and then back to our apartment for some spa time and sitting by the fire while it started raining. Awesome!

Right after we got back it started raining super hard and thunder and lightening and my husband and I sat outside and watched it. I have a thing for Thunderstorms!

On Saturday night my friend Jess came up from Colorado Springs and took me to one of my favorite restaurants called the "D Bar". Great food and the whole place sang happy birthday to me which was a little embarrassing!!

We also came back for some spa sitting for a little while and lots of catching up:)


We had to wait in the cold for our table to be ready so we ordered mochas to keep us warm. I saved mine for my birthday morning too!

My husband also went and got me my special treat for birthday....a buttermilk donut!

We then went to the Denver Zoo because you get in  free for your birthday.
You also get a free ice cream, a free carousel ride, and 10% off at the gift shop!
{oh and this button}

We came back to put my son down for a nap and we all slept and then went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner where I got a free burger.

{Check out THIS list for all the FREE things you can get on your birthday!!}

When we got home my husband had cards, cup cakes and this horrible candy bouquet that I SOOOO do not NEED in the house! ha ha. But so sweet anyways.

Here are my guys singing to me!:)

Here's to another year! 5 days till my marathon.
 Holy Moly!!!

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  1. Happy birthday, sweet Ashley! I am so glad you had a beautiful day with those who love you!

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful! Here is to a wonderful year!! I am so glad to know you through the blogs! Enjoy your week! Happy training/tapering!

  3. Happy birthday! Nice work on hitting up all those freebies for your b-day. Hope you have a great year!

  4. You can really get into the Denver Zoo for free on your birthday??? I guess I am headed there this year =)

    Sounds like such a fun, decadent way to spend your birthday. Your dad is so sweet to send you anonymous gifts on your birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday, Ashley! Glad you had such a great day. :)

  6. Happy Birthday girl!! What fun! And your guys are cuties!

  7. I have lived here for my whole life and never knew about the Zoo!! What?! I had fun and cant wait to go swimming again soon!


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